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The best App utility for your smartphone

app utility

The smartphones are some “smart” instruments. Many developers created many applications that work really well and that often result really useful. The App utility sector is quite varied, for this reason you can do many things efficiently both with the devices Android and iOS.

Often in other articles of Enkey Magazine we spoke about useful Apps for specific sectorial purposes, like: 10 applications to save the planet, The best 5 Apps for your workout, The Android’s apps to read the e-booksThe useful apps to travelThe best 5 apps to edit the pictures, The useful apps to learn a foreign language. Now we talk about three Apps utility to make your smartphone more practical.

What does it mean for App utility?

The app called “utility” are the apps that help to make your daily actions promptly and quick, and they effort important tasks like accounting, storage, safety, and so on. The apps utility are essential both if you are a professional or if you are a student, because they make everything easier.

Especially in this article we will present 3 Apps App Utility: the best App to scan your documents, the best app to check the safety of your appartment and finally the best app to organize your fidelity cards.

App to Scan

The suggested app to scan your documents is Office Lens, which is available both for Android and for iOS. This app is really useful when you are outside home and you need to scan a document to attach, for example, to an important e-mail.

Infact, even if you have a scan printer at home, this app allows to have a high quality scan in fewer time and especially promptly. The scanned files are achieved just shoting a picture through Office Lens. The final result can be converted in PDF or Word or in other less common formats.

app utility
Office Len

App for the Videosurveillance

If you need to check or control your house through the smartphone, D-Link HD Mini DCS-8000LH is the perfect solution. The app is available for Android and iOS and it is matched with the surveillance’s router DCS-8000LH at the price of €59,99. From the D-Link web site is taken the following guide of installation and configuration of DCS‑8000LH and its App:

To install your DCS-8000LH, you should download the app Mydlink Lite which is free on your smartphone or tablet.
Once installed, let’s start the application Mydlink Lite. So let’s create a new account or access to an existent account. The application will guide you in the configuration’s process.

Note (1): Before to start the application, be sure that the mobile device is connected to the Wi-Fi web (which is the router) and then connect the camera.

Note (2): To access to your account, insert your Mydlink e-mail address and your password. So, let’s click on Access to go on. If you forgot the Mydlink’s password, let’s click on “Forgotten password“. If you don’t have any account Mydlink, click on Sign up and let’s follow the instructions to create a new account Mydlink.

Note (3): Activate the function Bluetooth of the device mobile during the camera’s installation.”

app utility

App to manage your cards

The app of which we are talking about is Stocard. This app is defined by many blogs of technology even the most useful one. This app allows you to register and to keep with you, just a click away, all of your fidelity cards of supermarkets and different kind of shops.

The app registers your fidelity card easily framing it, by considering all of its datas. When you have to show your fidelity card you just have to open the app and to give it to the cashier. The application Stocard is available for Android and iOS.

Stocard is the most useful but there are many other “apps for the supermarket” with the same functioning. Thanks to this app you could lighten up your pocket of a bit of cards!

app utility

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