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The best mini tv series for who has a short time

The best mini tv series

Let’s tell the truth, starting a tv serie is a real commitment. Since the moment we start the first episode we must be sure to have enough free time to watch the whole season, or all the seasons. Often we don’t even start to watch it if we know that in this period we are too much busy. But, maybe, for all the serie lovers, too busy, there is a solution. The mini tv series, they are like the tv series, but with few episodes. Often they take second place, because they don’t have the real meaning of the tv series as we know it: endless.

However they can be a great solution to enjoy a good tv series, even if we don’t have to much free time. Let’s discover together some between the best mini tv series for who has short time.

Mini tv series: Little Fires Everywhere – 8 episodes – Amazon Prime Video

Let’s start with a mini tv series with 8 episodes, which is available on Amazon Prime Video. Little Fires Everywhere tells the story of two women, that can’t be much different between each other, which lifes crashed together.

The best mini tv series
Little Fires Everywhere

Elena Richardson is a journalist, mother of four, wife and perfect housewife, that follows the upper class rules. Mia Warren is an artist, single mother of a girl, that rents a room in Elena’s house.

Plot Against America – 6 episodes – Sky and Now Tv

Plot Against America is a miniserie of 6 episodes, available on Sky and Now Tv. The story takes place in an alternative 1940. In this distopian world there are the elections of the president of that time and to win, against Franklin D. Roosevelt, it was Charles Lindbergh. The new President is a sympathizer of Hitler and with him he makes a non aggression pact.

The best mini tv series
Plot Against America

The protagonists of this tv series are the members of the jew family Levin.

Mini tv series: Hollywood – 7 episodes – Netflix

The mini tv serie Hollywood brings us back to the Hollywood of the golden age. In the post world war two, where the district of Los Angeles exploded and all go crazy for the cinema. But all that glitters is not gold. We will discover, infact, a behind the scenes where the wannabe actors and directors will do anything.

The best mini tv series

The topics seem, though, very contemporary. To rule in this behind the scenes is the discrimination, discrimination of race, of genre, of sexuality.

Blood & Water – 5 episodes – Netflix

Again on Netflix there is the mini tv series of 5 episodes, Blood & Water. The story has as protagonist Puleng Khumalo, that does anything to enter in the prestigious Parkhurst College. But her only purpose is in reality the one to discover the truth about the disappearing of her syster, seventeen years before.

The best mini tv series
Blood & Water

Mini tv series: The Third Day – 6 episodes – Sky and Now Tv

The Third Day is an addictive psychological thriller divided in two: summer and winter, of three episodes each. These are two different stories with something in common. The first one tells about Sam, that will drop a girl that he saved in a wood to Osea Island. He will discover that on the island there is a community isolated from the rest of world, with their beliefs and habits.

The best mini tv series
The Third Day

The second one tells about Helen, that goes on the island for a holiday with her two daughters. Helen feels a strange and mysterious attraction for the island. We will discover that the line between the reality and the fantasy isn’t so clear.

The Outsider – 10 episodes – Sky and Now Tv

A miniserie of 10 episodes which is available on Sky and Now Tv is The Outsider, which is inspired to a romance of Stephen King. A quite town in Georgia is shocked when in the forest was found the mutilated body of an eleven years old boy. After the first investigations, though, there is something strange, maybe there is something supernatural in the brutal murder.

The best mini tv series
The Outsider

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