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Ozone hole and dangerous emissions

Did you know that it’s been detected 3 new dangerous elements that increase the ozone hole? We read an article published on the prestigious magazine PNAS that complaints about it and we would like to tell you that.

Endangered ozone hole: the datas of the web

Like everyone knows, the global network AGAGE that includes even the Climate Observatory “O. Vittori” on the Mount Cimone releaved datas that demonstrate that there are 3 new compounds that are seriously harming the ozone hole.

The observatory is managed by the Institute of Science of the atmosphere and of the climate (ISAC) of the National Council of the researches (CNR). We are so talking about an institution that continuosly works to make the world a better and cleaner place.

buco dell'ozono e composti chimici
It’s been discovered new chemical compounds harmful for the ozone hole

These 3 compounds are 3 hydrochlorofluorocarbons. Chemical substances that create the ozone hole, which production and usage are forbidden by the Montreal Protocol.

The Montreal Protocol

The Montreal Protocol is an agreement for the environment of the 1987 which regulates the production and the consumption of more than 100 chemical substances harmful for the ozone hole.

In the past they eliminated the chlorofluorocarbons. Now they discovered that even their replacements (the hydrofluorocarbons) are powerful greenhouse gases which increase the climate change.

They are Gases that catch up to 15.000 times in advance the heat of the carbon dioxide. For this reason their usage became illegal too.

The last considerations about the ozone hole

In the 2018 it seemed that the ozone layer was recovering. It was infact estimated that it was getting better compared with the past. Today thought it’s getting worst again.

In the last 2 years they recorded an increase of the levels of smog and environmental pollution alike the ones recorded in the 1980. This will bring until the 2060 to a severe worsening of the situation, all of it because of the chemical substances in the atmosphere.

The control is important

Some improvement has been made, but a continuos control by the company that work in the fields connected to the release of the substances in the environment is important.

About it, with the study of which we were talking before, published the last february of the 2021 on the prestigious magazine PNAS, we saw that it’s necessary to introduce new laws to the Montreal Protocol. New rules that regulates the not intentional emissions of toxic substances.

The longer the science and the chemical go on to create new compounds to improve and to speed up the productive systems, the longer we will need to control these inventions and to see what’s their effect on the planet.

Analysis of the air for the measurement AGAGE

Let’s now talk about the AGAGE and the analysis of the air. Thanks to their studies we found out a new compounds in the atmosphere. It’s called hyrochlorofluorocarbons HCFC132b.

buco dell'ozono clima che cambia
The climate change is the base of the problem of the ozone hole. The analysis of the air allows the constant check of the climate.

Like we said before, this new compounds must be put inside the Montreal Protocol as soon as possible, before it’s going to destroy the ozone hole too.

But not only. It will be even important to understand who uses this compound and why. Otherwise we will be in a situation like the one of the 2018 in China, when it was discovered the presence of industry that since the 2013 were illegally producing CFC-11. Even in this case it was a toxic compound for the polyurethane foams, which was very dangerous for the environment.

The work of the science community and of the citizen

Everyone is caring for the environment. Actually it’s now probably the most followed and the most invested field.

All the scientific community daily works to observe and to control the greenhouse gas emissions.

It though seems that it’s not enough. A constant work even by every single citizen might be the right key to improve the conditions of the climate change.

Many Countries will have to drastically reduce their emissions, by demonstrating even their work for the environment with checks of the conditions of the ozone hole.

If everyone will do something, we might save the environment.

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