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R factor, fallacius parameter of the pandemic

Did you know that there is a (fallacious) parameter of the pandemic? We are talking about the so called Factor R, which is considered the oracle that releave the predictions of the pandemic.

Factor R: fallacious factor

Many are considering it the parameter that can tell us how the pandemic is going. In reality the Factor R is only a number, somehow calculated approximately.

The thing to consider are a lot and focus only on this parameter is wrong because it brings to an innacurate estimate.

We can read it everywhere: even if until now it was used only as a benchmark, the Factor R is ever less reliable, especially if we consider an estimation made on big populations, like the one of a whole nation.

factor r inaccurate estimation
The values of the Factor R are sometimes inaccurate, but they are becoming popular and viral

Even for this reason many expert say that they don’t accept this parameter to calculate the estimations. They constantly work on statistics about the Coronavirus, but looking to the pandemic under many point of views.

The evolution of the Factor R

During the pandemic, the Factor R became the number that decreet the conditions of the illness.

What’s it about? A value of R higher than 1 means that the epidemic is growing and a lower one means that the situation is getting better.

factor r stop al covid 19
Even if it’s useful to keep under control the contagious, the Factor R is inaccurate

Even the in tv news, they often mention this parameter and on the government websites of the whole Europe it’s published week by week.

According to the experts, though politicians and communications media are exaggerate, by leaving the people limit and reduce the pandemic effects to only one number, as a unique estimation and the only that see how the illness is going.

Like we said, the Factor R is a fallacious value, which is useful to calculate the estimation only together other phenomenas, like for example the statistics about the health of the population considered, the area. etc.

The hidden local variations

Infact, if we calculate it on large scale the number changes compared with the calculation on the local scale. Keep to much attention to the Factor R on the average calculated on a small population, unlike than on a big one, might hide essential parameters.

We have so to consider even about how the infection goes day by day in the small centers, to then make a larger estimation for region or nation. Or even to check the real number of the deaths and of the hospitalization.

The Factor R is only a number on a graphic, which constantly changes week by week and that can tell us if our situation is getting worst or better. It’s statistic, not necessary reality.

What to look out?

Like always be careful to ourselves and to the maintenance of the distance and safety laws. 

Even if the current situation allows us to take a little breath, we don’t have to drop our guard. Therefore, it’s good to believe in the vaccination campaign that goes on and that increases day by day our hopes of life.

Some european countries believe a lot in the Factor R, for the example the United Kingdom, but the most important thing are not as long the statistics but what we can daily do by ourselves.

Make complete tests, track the infected and help them to recover. The point is that the science must be always followed by the logic and the common sense. 

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