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10 applications to save the planet

Often contribute to save the planet isnt’s so easy and one wants to say that it is useless really do something. But in reality if everyone give just a really small contribute maybe something will start to change. To give our contribute we can use the help of the technology and so here you have 10 applications green to save the planet.

WeDU! Decoro Urbano

WeDU! is an application to preserve the urban decorum of our own town. It works like a social network between the citiziens and the public administrations, everyone can report abandoned garbages, potholes, illegal posters, neglect of the green areas. The application is available for Android, but otherwise everyone can become an active citizien straight through the website www.decorourbano.org.


Forest is an app that allows to focus ourselves on what we are doing. The users plants a virtual tree all the times that he feels the necessity to focus on something, the tree will grow for all the time that we remain connected on the application, while we are studing or working and if we leave the app the tree will die. Day after day the user build a real virtual forest. The application isn’t just an entertainment app that helps with the work, but it is much more. By downloading it at the price of 1,09 euros, we help the organization Trees For The Future, by planting real trees in different areas of the world, by fighting the deforestation.

 Grow recycling

Grow Recycling is an educative application that will help the youngest ones to learn how to recycle, through simple and funny games. With up to 100 different kinds of garbage even the children will always know in which bin throw everything, with the hope that the next generations will be able to respect the planet much more than the previous ones.

 Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint calculates our carbon footprint. We will just have to insert the datas about the household appliances that we use and the consumptions and this will indicate the level of our emissions. It will not only calculate the carboon footprint of our home, but even of our movements with the car or with the public transports, of the food that we eat and so on.

 Air quality

Air quality is an application usefull to understand which is the level of pollution of the air in the area where we are. Accurate informations in real time of almost 10.000 cities in the world.


How much food is been wasted and thrown away every day. In every home there is something that we find out is expired and we throw it away in the garbage. Before to arrive to do it we should do something and don’t let that a so precious resource is been wasted. With BringFood everyone that has some food that is not able to consumpt can report it on the app and the closest unit will come to pick up it. BringFood saved in the last year 200 tonns of food.

 Clube Locavore

Clube Locavore is for the lovers of the 0 km food, which aren’t only healthier but they substantially reduce the emissions caused by the transport. The application gives informations about the most suitable food according with the season and the area where we are.

 WWF Together

WWF Together is a WWF’s application where we find the cards about all the endangered animal species and we can decide to do small donations in support of the volunteers’ job. Once adopted an endangered species through a small donation, the application will inform us about every progress in real time.

 Go Green

Go green is an application that helps every user to keep attention in the preservation of the environment and to be a little more green. All of this thanks to same small daily or weekly challanges with which we can test ourselves. Furthermore, the application is full of informations that help us with the normal daily activities showing us the greenest way.

 Bla Bla Car

Bla Bla Car is the application became famous where the travellers enter in contact between them to share the trip. Share a car isn’t only an important economic saving but doing that we can even substantially reduce the CO2 emissions.

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