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Co-Innovation Center: Cisco, Dynamic Museum

The new is already one the web for a few days. Cisco created a Co-Innovation Center inside the Science and Technology Museum of Milan. A dynamic musuem where, starting from today, one will talk about Cyber Security.

The new of the Co-Innovation center

Cisco created this new center as an integrating part of the centers of co-innovation. The one in Milan is the first Co-Innovation Center dedicated to the cyber security and the privacy.

What’s inside? Spaces dedicated to the developers and the researchers in the informatic field, but even to the labs for the innovative solutions, areas dedicated to the themed meetings and the demonstrative places.

Like we said, they will mainly talk about cyber security, a hot topic continuosly growing that we don’t know as much, but it’s good to get informed.

The purpose of the project is the one to create and to test ideas and projects to develop together to the companies or the universities and the technological-commercial partners.

The Co-Innovation Center that involves the Museum

A new project that involves the Science and Technology Museum of Milan at 360 degrees. Infact, the cooperation between the authority and Cisco wants to spread the scientifical and technological culture, which means all about the digital.

co-innovation center science museum milan
The Co-Innovation center of Cisco will be realized inside the Science and Technology Museum in Milan. A cooperation for the digital culture..

With the program made by Cisco for the Co-Innovation Center they will create new modes of talkings between the ones that visit the museum and the center and all the scientific community that will partecipate to the labs and to the dedicated event.

Educational activities and themed workshop that will organized especially during the weekends even in Open Night. Events where the european researchers will meet to talk about science, technology, but especially digital.

Museum and digital innovation

The project of the Cisco is the occasion for the Dynamic Museum of Milan to manage and promote events and programs about the digital innovation.

Like we said, infact, until now we always talked about science and technology. Since today we will learn even something about the digital culture.

Thanks to this new approach, the Museum wants to reach different people and different ages. But not only. The idea is even the one to make the Con-Innovation Center available for professionals of the sector, families and university students.

A new place, of sharing, where we will learn what the digital safety is and where they will value the informatic and its instruments by showing the technological solutions of the new century.

Cisco Networking Academy

About it here you have the project of the Cisco Networking Academy. Inside the Dynamic Museum they will do even educational courses for the youth, to create specialized know-how, and for the ones that already work in the informatic sector to obtain new skills.

For this project, Cisco will give to the Museum new technical appliances for the courses and it will encourage the campain “At school of Internet” for children and teenagers.

The Co-Innovation center includes even the realization of courses of cyber security to increase the knowldeges about the digital culture

A digital school where they will teach how to defend ourselves from the cyber attacks and how to develop methods and instruments of the digital world.

The educational activities that will be made in cooperation with Cisco increase the cultural offert of the Museum. They will increase the activities of the museum, with an invitation to follow what happens in the accademic and scientifical field.

Co-Innovation center for the digital culture

All the online reports say the same thing: it wants to increase the audience of the Museum and encourage the digital culture.

A project that joins the science and the technology to support the grow way of the museum institution in Milan, of Cisco Italia and of the modern technology.


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