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Miitopia arrives on Nintendo Switch


Miitopia is a videogame developed by Nintendo and released for the Nintendo 3DS in the 2016. Now the videogames arrives even on the Switch. Miitopia for Switch has been released the last 21st of may 2021. Let’s discover it together.

The Mii Universe

Let’s start from the beginning. Who are the Mii? What’s the Miiverse and everything there is around this strange and fascinating universe?

Create social relationships between the figures

The Miiverse is a kind of social network in 3D realized by Nintendo and released on the consoles 3DS and WiiU.

To better understand of what we are talking about, so, we must do a step back of few years. The Mii became famous with the Wii. They are customizable avatars realized as the users like. Basically every Mii was an user.

Remember the Plaza, where the Mii could meet and where they could talk. Therefore the Mii were integral part of the experience with the Wii and with the WiiU. The game’s dynamics of the console made by Nintendo made these avatars an essential element of the experience. With them we were able to partecipate of many games or to train ourselves with the Wii Fit, ecc.

But now with the Switch Nintendo wanted to change the game dynamics and to get closer to the more commercial style. So many are wondering: does it make sense to bring the Miiverse on the Switch?

Miitopia for 3DS and Wii

Like we said, the first version of Miitopia was released in the 2016 in Japan and in the 2017 in the rest of the world, for the porable console 3DS.

Dark Lord
Explore the Miiverse while trying to fight the Dark Lord

It is a role playing game that sees as protagonists the avatars of the users, Mii. To the simple Mii it’s possible to give classes and characteristics. We start from the most known classes in the videogames world, like wizard or warrior, to arrive to classes in the Nintendo style, like cat or flower.

The story tells about the island of Miitopia which is threaded by the Dark Lord. The Mii of the players has been attacked by a monster evocated by the Dark Lord and, while running away, he arrives in the Kingdom of Verdalboria.

Here the adventure starts, through the kingdoms of the Miiverse, by trying to fight the Dark Lord.

Miitopia for Nintendo Switch

The last 21st of may of the 2021 Miitopia arrived on the Nintendo hybrid console, the Switch. In reality, many were very sceptical about the decision to bring the Miiverse on a different console.

The Switch, infact, isn’t focused on the Mii like the Wii or the WiiU. However this is only the last of a long list of titles that Nintendo decided to bring from the unlucky console WiiU to the luckier Switch.

The old players, the ones that like the most the special game dynamics of Nintendo, are enthusiastic of it.

The avatars are back!

Obviusly, with Miitopia returns even a big classic of the previous consoles: the avatar! The players of any age will have fun, again, while creating his own virtual avatar, both if it’s alike or invented.

Customizable Avatar
The avatars are back on the Switch and they are even more customizable

Even if the avatar isn’t a new, on the Switch it will be much more customizable, compared with the previous consoles.

Another new of the world Miitopia are the horses, which can make the travel easier, and they can even help during the battles, by increasing the attack points.

Miitopia is a pleasant adventure, thought for the children, but perfect even for the older players that don’t want to get too busy with a game.

The most intriguing and crazy thing of the game is that we pass from the battles and the exploration to the basic social interaction. As if we aren’t inside a fantasy world, threaded by the dark.

The Mii will be able to interact with the other figures and to create real relationships, by going to the cinema or having a dinner together.

Even though Miitopia is a simple and linear game experience, it’s unique and, without any doubt, it must be tried.

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