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4G on the Moon

The guarantee of the communication for a future human base on the Moon comes from Nokia. The 4G goes beyond the planet and it becomes an instrument to communicate with the terrestrial satellite.

The NASA chose Nokia

When it was born the idea and the need to create a fast and direct communication system between the Earth and its satellite, the NASA decided to work to a 4G network that allows to send messages to the human base that will be built on the Moon.

The NASA so chose Nokia to build the first mobile phone network on the Moon with a 4G power. The famous mobile phones company is creating a comunication system Lte/4G that will open the door for the human presence on the moon surface.

Nokia will have to build an ultra compact Lte network, with a low consumption, that resist to the Space climate. The works on this network might finish in the 2022 and the control of the system will be limited to the Nokia Bell Labs.

Why do we need a 4G network on the Moon?

This network will allow the data transmission, like command functions, the remote control of the moon rovers, the navigation in realtime and the transmission of high definition videos.

The idea is the one to create reliable communication networks, which are strong and high permorming that will represent the key for a stable presence of the humans on the moon surface.

4G on the moon fast communications
The 4G network by Nokia will allow fast communications between the NASA Moon base and the Earth.

Basically it is the first high performing wireless network on the Moon, that will allow to Nokia Bell Labs to plant the flag of the innovation beyond the conventional borders.

According to Nokia, the network was specifically planned to resist to the difficult conditions of the launch and of the moon landing. 
But not only. It will be able to work in the extreme conditions of the space, besides to satisfy severe restrictions about the size, the weight and the powerful required by the Nasa.

A pact of steel

Even Italy joined the program Artemis the last september of 2020 with an agreement signed by the subsecretary Riccardo Fraccaro and by the number one of Nasa Jim Bridenstine.
Is even our Country ready to enter in the airspace sector? We will discover it with time. Meanwhile the first brick to make even country advanced in the science sector was put.


4G and the human presence on the Moon

On the base of this project there is even the idea to create an environment perfect for the human life on the satellite. The man must so being able to use the Moon as a “pied-à-terre” for the future.

The innovations of Nokia will be used to help to prepare the way toward a sustainable human presence on the moon ground. It starts with the integration of the moon network 4G in the Nova-C Lunar Lander, the spacecraft created for the missions Artemis, to then being able to use it even on other devices.

4g on the moon ultra compact stations.
Nokia studied a system of ultra compact 4G network that will transmit the datas collected on the moon ground to the Earth.

The technology 4G represents the perfect kind of wireless coonection that the astronauts need, but especially the one that the common citizen will mostly use in the future.

A kind of technology that will give the essential communicative skills to the many operations that the astronauts will have to do.

The humans of the Space need, infact, a datas transmission for the remote control of the moon rovers, the high definition video streaming, the transmission of command and control inputs or the real time navigation.

In the future thanks to this project, even the normal citizen while going on the Moon will be always connected to the Home Planet. A further incentive for all the ones that loves the space and that are looking forward to visit it and to maybe live there one day.

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