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FIFA 19 is finally arrived

After such wait by the gamers, the last friday, 28th of September of the 2018, finally arrived FIFA 19. The last chapter of the videogame of Electronic Arts lands on the consoles Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and on PC.

E3 2018: the best titles

In occasion of the E3 2018 are been presented many interesting titles. Like every year the Los Angeles' expo never disappoints us and it opens scenarios on new games that promise to donate many emotions. This year we have to say that are…

Agony: game review

Presented with a kickstarter campaign, Agony is one of the game that predefined the purpose to literally transport the user into the hell, letting him live atmospheres and situations at the edge of the terror. The premises were without any…

The best PS4 coop games

Play an alone title is without any doubt a charming and funny experience. Anyway we have to say that enjoy a coop game suggesting our partner and helping him during the dangerous situations is all another thing. The coop is something that,…