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Crash Team Rumble

Crash Team Rumble

Crash Team Rumble is the new Crash Bandicoot game that features 4V4 team challenges. Heroes and villains clash to collect Wumpa fruits, and the team that gathers more wins. Each character has unique abilities and skills that must be used wisely to defeat opponents. Furthermore, heroes will have to defend their Wumpa Bank and obtain key points scattered around the map to help their teammates.

crash team rumble
A new fun adventure featuring the most beloved character by gamers.

Crash Team Rumble: the new multiplayer with a platformer spirit

The most beloved marsupial by gamers is back! This time with an all-new game: a competitive 4V4 multiplayer. Crash Bandicoot stormed into our hearts 27 years ago and has continued to evolve, adapting to various platforms and increasingly diverse gameplay without ever tiring us. The game will be released on PlayStation and Xbox old and next-gen on June 20, 2023. Pre-order is already available, and those who purchase it this way can participate in the beta that will take place from April 20 to 24.
It started as a 3D Platform game, explored various genres and consoles over the years, and even ventured into party games. We’re talking about Crash Bash, a game consisting of a series of mini-games in the style of Mario Party.

The development team Toys for Bob is the same one that excellently handled the remakes of the first three Crash installments, collected in the Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy. Crash Team Rumble was introduced somewhat mysteriously during the The Game Awards in 2022. The project details were then revealed for the first time during a presentation dedicated to the press.

crash team rumble
A very fun and engaging game.

What we know about the game

The developers have defined this game as a strategic multiplayer platformer. Indeed, this game will allow you to have fun with other people and will be highly competitive. A four-on-four match in which participants will have to move within an arena. This arena has been designed as a large platformer level.
The goal of the game is to collect more Wumpa fruits than the opponents, bring them to your bank, and cash them in. The team that manages to collect 2000 Wumpa fruits first wins. Obviously, you will need to use tactics and a lot of strategy to win, as you must take advantage of the bonuses and power-ups available to you.

crash team rumble
Depending on who jumps on it, the gem turns red or blue.

Wumpa, Gems, and Relics

The three main elements of gameplay revolve around: gems, relics, and Wumpa fruits. During the game, players move freely on the map, controlling the camera and collecting fruits. The Wumpa fruits are found both scattered around the arena and in boxes. Once the fruits are collected, they must be deposited in the team’s bank to count as points. The bank is represented by a large blue platform and is located within the map.
Transferring the Wumpa fruits is not instantaneous; therefore, the player cashing them in is vulnerable for a few moments. For this reason, the collected fruits can also be lost. Loss occurs when an opposing player hits one from your team; once their health indicator reaches zero, they are out of the game and return to their base.

As for the gems, they are placed on the map as platforms. Usually, these gems make up a path and turn red or blue depending on who lands on them. By jumping on these platforms and completing the path, you receive team bonuses during the Wumpa cash-in. While validating the bonuses, you are vulnerable because the opposing team can contest capturing the Gem platform simply by jumping on it.

Then we have the Relics, shaped like an Ankh, which become currency for activating power-ups on the map. In total, you can find 11 in each arena, including one very common and one very powerful. Power-ups are distributed throughout the map in the form of stations; each player can collect the relics and deposit them nearby. As for activating the power-ups, it’s a team effort. Once activated, they are available to the entire team, not just the player who made the last deposit.

crash team rumble
Teamwork is essential to win the game.

Crash Team Rumble maps

The most interesting part of this game is undoubtedly the maps. The developers have put a lot of effort into creating them, as they needed to be functional and convey a sense of belonging to the world of Crash Bandicoot. Each one is different from the other, with Relic stations varying in each map, and respawn points and Banks located strategically. Fruit placement is designed at multiple heights, and mastering different heights and maps facilitates your team’s victory.
The characters in the roster include: Crash, Coco, Tawna, Nitrus Brio, Nefarious, Cortex, Dingodile, and Catbat. Apart from their abilities, each character falls into one of the following classes: scorers (primarily focused on collecting Wumpa fruits), blockers who are slow, bulky characters used to block opponents offensively or defensively, and boosters, the more fragile but very fast and agile heroes designed for capturing gem platforms.

We are confident that this game will captivate you just as its predecessors have, and we can’t wait to try it ourselves when it’s released. Are you ready for the beta?

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