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Layers of Fear

layers of fear

Layers of Fear, the horror game with unsettling and ghostly atmospheres, is the final installment of the Layers series that began in 2016. One of the most beloved horror series is back in a new terrifying adventure. As the developers, Bloober Team, assure, moments of fear and madness await you! The game will be available in June 2023 on Unreal Engine 5 for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Let’s take a look at its features.

layers of fear
The game is expected to arrive in June on Next Gen consoles and PC.

Layers of Fear: the plot

Layers of Fear is a first-person video game in which you will experience firsthand the madness of a cursed artist. Living the drama of this man directly means coming into contact with his most brutal manias and obsessions, immersing yourself in a very sad and disturbing past. The two main aspects of Layers of Fear are: a sense of discomfort and pure terror. A constant feeling of fear of the unknown.

Players discover the stories of artists enslaved by their own manias. Each microcosm is interconnected with the others and then linked to the main plot. These aspects can also be seen in the trailer. The spirit of the series has not been broken but has a connecting thread that evolves in the Next Gen.

layers of fear

All the chapters lead you to live a disturbing experience on the brink of madness.

The graphics

Indeed, the Polish development team uses the latest version of Epic Games’ graphics engine to enhance effects through advanced Ray Tracing. The features that immediately catch the eye will be the ultra-high resolution textures and lighting managed by the Lumen system. In conclusion, the images are in HDR and 4K to provide you with a unique and immersive experience.

In the game, you can admire a gloomy and haunted mansion characterized by very dark and distressing settings. Then you will need to solve mysteries and, of course, survive by unraveling the story of a strange painter in search of inspiration for his new masterpiece. The remake of the previous chapters will also include aspects from the sequel: an actor subdued by a mad and invisible director.

In recent years, Bloober Team has carved out its place as an excellent provider of horror games. In fact, the return of Layers of Fear is well-deserved, and the new content will attract both younger and older players alike.

layers of fear
The game also includes a separate chapter called “The Final Note” that will provide you with a new perspective.


The game includes: Layers of Fear, Layers of Fear 2, various downloadable contents including “The Final Note.” There will also be a never-before-told story that ties everything together titled “The Writer.”

“The only precious thing you ever truly desired…FINISH.” You will explore the Victorian mansion covered in artwork as the Painter, whose mental health crumbles little by little and cracks just like an old oil painting on a canvas. The house is constantly evolving and allows you to find supplies for your final masterpiece, all while trying to overcome your past. This is found in “Layers of Fear.”

In the downloadable content “Inheritance,” you will confront your past. “I was once told that madness runs in my family…it’s time to end it.” A chapter told from the perspective of the painter’s daughter, you will seek answers to many questions. What secrets does this mansion hide? Will you ever truly understand the madness that gripped your father? Can you ever forgive him? The house may contain everything you need to know, of course, if you manage to face and relive your past.

In “The Final Note,” you can discover even more about the Painter, the family’s background, and the inspiring muse. In fact, this chapter, as we mentioned earlier, is told from the perspective of the Painter’s wife. This chapter will certainly change the way you see the characters from the first game and their actions.

“Layers of Fear 2” will make you shudder in the shoes of an actor starring in a production being shot on a transatlantic ship. However, it’s not quite as it seems; exploring the ship, you will find out why you are perfect for The Director’s (voiced by Tony Todd) latest film. You will wake up and be given a simple command, “Action,” but will you do it?

The “Lighthouse” chapter aims to unite the levels. You will enter a lonely and ghostly lighthouse as the Writer. You will discover a never-before-told story that ties the entire series together. What awaits you?

layers of fear

In this Victorian mansion, you will uncover various mysteries, if you manage to survive the madness.

Main features of the game

You’ll explore unsettling environments and solve strange puzzles that will allow you to unravel the narrative at the heart of this first-person psychological horror experience. There are three different stories with three different protagonists obsessed with craftsmanship (the Painter, the Actor, and the Writer). These three tales intertwine to provide you with a unique and engaging gameplay experience.

Everything in Layers of Fear, including the downloadable content, allows you to find the answers you seek. New basic mechanics and additional features are introduced to seamlessly integrate the chapters and stories. But most importantly, it has been rebuilt from the ground up using Unreal Engine 5, making the graphics as realistic as possible.

The new Lumen system offers a frighteningly visceral and immersive experience. This is further enhanced by the beautiful soundtrack composed by Arek Reikowski, which adds even more tension to the game, leaving you breathless.

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