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The useful apps to learn the foreign languages

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Learning a new language by ourselves is a real challange. It is different from learning some chapters of a history’s book or to solve some match’s excersices, to learn a foreign language is something really singular, it has an approach and a method different compared to the other cognitive activities that we daily do.

What can support this learning’s process?

But firstly, how did we learn our mother tongue? We just have to answer to those questions to find out the secret to learn a foreign language. The hearing and the practice are two essential elements that bring to assume a good knowledge of every language, creating some “instinctive” skills. Many believe that for learning a language there isn’t nothing better than live a period abroad. This vision is based on the fact that since the childhood we just heard for whole months the italian language, until we were able to speak it. We have to say that we were able to assume our mother tongue because we were in the evolutive age when we were immersed in the italian language and in this development’s period, our mind has a plastisity’s level that while growing it decreases. Becaming a mother tongue, in a diferent age from the evolutive one, is more difficult but we can anyway reach a great knowledge of the language.

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The cognitive steps of a foreign language

Surely between the learning’s steps of a foreign language there is the hearing, the oral and write production, the improving of the vocabulary and a depth knowledge of the grammar. All of those activities became useful and efficient only if made every day and constantly. It is useless to learn 10 new words if then they aren’t contextualised and so included in our daily routine, so they will be forgotten. To learn a new language is really intense and often expensive but it is worth. The knowledge of a new language, especially the english, is an essential skill to put in our Curriculum Vitae. The 40% of the italians said to lost an occasion of job caused by a low knowledge of the english. Today, infact, a recognised certification of the english language is essential for every professional figure or academic training. Even if it is hard as time and effort, the knowledge of a language has many advantages.

lingua straniera

App as virtual tutor of foreign language

Fortunatelly is possible to find in the web many virtual tutor designed to support the study of a foreign language, no matter which is it. The apps are surely a great method of learning a foreign language because have the advantage to be interactive and fun. Through the apps it is possible to learn a new language in train, on the beach or on a bar making challanges between friends, this is a way to have a pocket knowledge and so within reach. The best apps to get closer to a foreign language are:

Babbel which proposes different excersices of understanding of the language written and spoken, writing and pronunciation, grammar lessons and the ones to the refinement of the pronunciation with the vocal recognising approach.

Duolingo is the most famous app that allows to learn a language in a funny way because more right answers we will say more level we will unlock.

Memrise which encourage a quick learn of a huge number of words by easily combine them with sounds and pictures. Like Duolinguo the user will receive points for every right answer and they will allow to climb a league that we can share even on Facebook.

Busuu which unlike the others gives even a kind of cultural exchange: if you study spanish, your excercises will be correct by a spanish user registered to Busuu.

lingua straniera

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