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Sustainable development: sanitised water

Today we talk about the sanitised water for the sustainable development. It’s been realized, infact, new smart bio compatible materials which are able to do pre-settled actions. Let’s discover together what’s that.

Sustainable development and nano materials

The new bio compatible materials of which we were talking before were called nano materials of new generation.

They are materials that are important for the industry and the environment. The sanification of the waters, the ones polluted by the human is one of them.

sustinable development and nano particles
It’s been discovered new nano particles that made bio compatible materials for the sustainable development.

The theoric and the experimental work on these materials for the sustainable development has been published on the scientific magazine ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces dell’American Chemical Society.

A report that introduce a new type of nano magnetic and bio compatible particles which are able to remove metals from the water.

Bio compatibility and sustainable development

For a sustainable development the sanification of the water is a challenge that must be won.

With the discovery of these innovative magnetic nano particles of iron oxide they finally found a way to make the water cleaner.

These particles, infact, are covered by a biocompatible polymeric coating that remove from the water the iones from the heavy metals.

The development of the science of the materials plays an essential role in the field of the sustainable development and the ecologic transition for the saveguard of the environment.

Report about the new materials

While talking about this topic, we must talk about the city of Rome. It is here that the project leaded by a group of chemists and physics of the Departiment of Science of the University Roma Tre started. 

A long time cooperation with the University BOKU in Vienna that brought to the publishing of the article called Theoretical and Experimental Design of Heavy Metal-Mopping Magnetic Nanoparticles.

A research that represents the first step toward the realization and the usage of these biocompatible materials which are able to fight the spreading of dangerous heavy metals in the environment.

Sustainable development and theoretical science

The group of the University Roma Tre developed the synthesis of the funzionalized macro moleculas, starting from the theoretical design of the material.

The nano materials were then analyzed and their properties were studied in cooperation with the BOKU of Vienna.

The biocompatibility of the material used make even more promising the results reached. It allows, infact, a large range usage of the new nanoparticles.

sustinable development and nano particles
Everything started from a study about the new nano particles. With the time these materials will be useful to work and to save the environment

The absorbing of the pollution will allow to use these nanoparticles in the field of the purification and the checking of the waters.

A quality that can be found both inside the filters and as a solution, for future possible applications in the industry field.

Basically, we will be able to use these materials of new generation to work in the factory in a cleaner way. We will be able to go on producing, while sanifying the work environments all the times.

Furthermore, we will be able to make the water used in the industry field cleaner before to throw it back in the environment, by polluting less.

The future of these materials

The unique combination between an innovative approach and the experimental technics gave life to the hope of a future where the environemnt will be respected more and useful for the sustainable development of the human and of his activites.

The work of scientists and chemists was able to demonstrate how these new materials and their nano particles interact with the iones of the heavy metals.

A new experimentation that sees the possibility to use these materials in the most varied fields

So the nano particles will be used for a slow, but long time last, recovery of the environment.

The research is still in a development phase. Any way the project made us think about a promising future for the saveguard of the environment and of thuman work.

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