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Tencent Games: aren’t they available on Huawei anymore?

tencent games

Today we talk about Huawei and the games Tencent. It’s about the serie “even the chineses argue” many of the ones that love to play with the smartphones had the permissions removed for some games, but maybe we now arrived to a peace.

Tencent Games: what are we talking about?

The protagonist of today is the invisible giant of the videogames’ industry. Tencent is infact a main and vital company in the global economy, as well as Nintendo or Sony Playstation.

This chinese colossus, to understand, owns the company that is behind League of Legends and Clash of Clans, while it manages local versions of games like PUBG and Monster Hunter: World. So, a colossus of the videogames’ world. Maybe, because of the fact that Huawei rules the chinese mobile marketplace, Tencent thought to stop the cooperation and look for better deals.

Huawei and Tencent games: what did happen?

A while ago the colossus of the smartphones Huawei withdrawn the Tencent games from its app store. Suddenly the lovers of Arena of Valor weren’t able anymore to upgrade the game to play on their Huawei. Why? It seems that the company Tencent decided to did a big change about the cooperation with the companies that distribute their games.

games tencent logo
Tencent Games is one of the chinese colossus in the videogames field. The cooperation with Huawei was ending at the beginning of the year, but fortunatelly now it’s going better.

In the day of the first of january, without too many buts, all the Tencent games were magically disappeared from the chinese shop of Huawei, and then they appeared again with a touch of wand few hours later inside their AppGallery.

All’s well that ends well

It seems that with the recent upgrade, a month after it happened, all the games were restored with success and that the argue between Huawei and Tencent finished.

It isn’t the first time that the chinese users see disappear important titles from their devices. Even Apple withdrawn something like more than 30.000 games from its App Store because they didn’t received the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) from the chinese government.

This is only one of the many examples. There is something sure: to suffer of it are always the users. Luckly, at least the Tencent games were restored thanks even to new commercial deals that put the company and the China to work together. So, all’s well that ends well, maybe because the argue was at their own home.

Infact, both Huawei and Tencent are chinese brands, known to be reluctant to work together with others, but inclined to work for the expansion of its own Country. For this reason many are still wondering how it was possible this debate between the two company, that anyway at the end are now in peace.

The last news from the AppGallery

There is another thing about all of this fact and it’s about the game PUBG, which is the Battlegrounds between the most famous for the mobile devices. AIt was planned and shared by Tencent too, it was always a game with an amazing graphic to which we can play for free.

tencent games and huawei
On the AppGallery of Huawei there are many games, many of which made by Tencent, that finally made peace with the famous brand of smartphones.

A game that gives many possibilities; like the multiplayer free-to-play with the option to play against other users to classic battles that count up to 100 players simultaneously.

The mission of the game is to survive which is the key to win together with the motto “When the duty calls, let’s shot a lot!”. Unfortunally lastly there is some problems for many users.

Many infact, after the last upgrade, noticed that the game was hacked and that if the connection wasn’t at its best it continuosly stops. Others complain about the missed support by the developers to solve the problems that occur during the game sessions and this slowed down the downloads.

Is it a way to remark the territory from the producers of the games Tencent? It would seem an one-off the one of PUBG, even if it seems strange that until the last december everything was going well and now it’s right one of the best games to have problems. Is it laziness or strategy? We will discover it with the time.

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