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Dark, the third season arrived on Netflix

Dark, third season

Dark, the dark is intrigued connection between present, past and future, an endless and without solution time paradox. Can we stop the loop? Can we change the past without damage the future futuro? And can we save the future if we aren’t able to change the past?

Dark, the Netflix tv serie of which we already told here, arrived to its third season and all the fan are looking forward to give an answer to the thousands questions, but will the conclusive season be able to solve all the unsolved riddles of the first two seasons?

“The final cycle is going to start. Will be the loop finally stopped?”

A look to the serie

Dark, german tv serie, arrived to the success thanks to the streaming platform Netflix, counts three seasons. The tv serie, known even with the name “The Winden secrets”, from the name of the town where it is settled, tells about time travels, family intrigues, secrets hidden in the maze of the nuclear power plant.

Dark, third season
Dark becomes the “Best Netflix Original Serie”

The tv serie was created in the 2017 by Baran bo Odar, after that Netflix gave the ok for the production of it in the 2016 and the filming started in the october of the 2016, in Berlin and next to it.

After the success of the first season, Netflix announced the second season, which filming started in june of the 2018 and that arrived in streaming in june of the 2019. Because of the success and of the eagerly waiting of the fans between the first and the second season, the third season was announced even before the release of the second one, in may of the 2019.

The serie was accepted very positively, not only by the less expert fans, but even by the expert critics. It obtained scores, in the approval ratings, of 8/9 on 10 and more, by beating the acclaimed tv serie Black Mirror, and arriving, finally to be voted the “Best Netflix Original Serie”.

Waiting for the third season

And it’s official! We are working to the third season of Dark. It is the final circle of this amazing trip. We always had in mind three seasons when we developed Dark. Thanks to Netflix to believed to us. Thanks to all the Dark fans in the world, you are amazing! We love you!”.

Dark, third season
Dark, third season

It was like that that the third season of Dark was announced, even before the release of the second one on the platform. But did this knowledge soothe the pain of who waited for a year to see the final season? Sure no. Especially because the second season left us with much more questions that the first one, if it was possible.

And as we read in the announce of Baran bo Odar “We always had in mind three seasons”. Obviusly, all the Dark fans now are thinking that it’s obvious, how could it be otherwise? The cycle is three, the three is the number that keeps everything together, that keeps the time together, that moves the lifes of the unaware protagonists.

But whit which mode are we going to see the third season of Dark, while we know that there won’t be any other? Why do we have to stop the loop, there can’t be a fourth cycle.

Dark arrives to its third season

And here we are, at the third season, released the 27th of June of the 2020. Not everyone had already the occasion to watch it, so there won’t be any spoiler, even if we must be careful to the spoilers that are around the web ready to ruin the big end.

Dark, third season
Will the third season solve all the riddles?

If the time and the time travels weren’t enough to mess up the story, here you have the turn of events of the end of the second season that left us even more stunned. In Winden another big mystery arrives, the parallel universes.

The last scene of the last episode of the season shows us, infact, Martha suddenly arriving, during the inevitable conclusion of the second cycle. But she isn’t the Martha that we know, she arrives from another world, from a parallel universe. So the time travels of Dark becomes much more rich now with the travels between a world and another.

Who can’t survive without find an answer to all the question may be disappointed by the conclusion of Dark. Jantje Friese, co-creator of Dark, infact, claims: “We won’t solve all the riddles because it’s much more funny”.

Let’s re-start from where we were, from the appearing of the new Martha and the discovery of a parallel world. It is from there that the first episode of the third season starts.

The third season will scramble the events, past, present and future will be newly upset, but we don’t want to add nothing more. The conclusive season of Dark must be watch all together, but be careful to not be stuck in the loop.

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