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Mystery Lab is Netflix’s August hit

Mystery Lab, Netflix's new series from Brazil

Mystery Lab is Netflix’s brand-new series premiering this August. The tantalizing title hints at some deep foreshadowing, but don’t be fooled – Mystery Lab is a very different kind of format from everything Netflix has shown us thus far.

Far from being a simple fiction or delving into pure documentaristic exposition, Mystery Lab is rather a blend of both genres, with a light-hearted tone on the overall. Half sit-com, half-edutainment, Netflix’s newest format will also feature special effects, experiments and animation alike.

The show itself is an experiment in the way that it offers something new, different and engaging to the audience – both in Italy and overseas.

But what is Mystery Lab about? Find out all the anticipations, previews and background on  Netflix’s August release.

Mystery Lab’s cast and crew

Mystery Lab is run and created by Brazilian youtuber Felipe Castanhari. Castanhari (b. 1989) became wildly poopular on Youtube after his channel, Canal Nostalgia, went viral. In the wake of similar formats, the youtuber stars in Mystery Lab as himself, in a blend of fiction and realism.

Yet Mystery Lab, like most other modern day productions, simply “could not do” without a strong female counterpart. Hence the introduction of debutant actress Lilian Regina as Dr Thay. In the fictional context of the documentaries Thay is the director of Curie Complex – named in honor of physicist Marie Curie.

The protagonists
The cast of Netflix’s new series – a blend of documentary and fiction

Actor Bruno Miranda plays Betinho, the complex’s janitor who often acts as the cathalyst for Mystery Lab’s scientific forays. 

Brazilian youtuber and dubber Guiherme Briggs lend his vocal chords and name to Briggs, the Artificial Intelligence that the protagonists rely on for simulations and experiments.

A journey in science (fiction), history and unsolved mysteries

Mystery Lab is going to dab into a wide array of mysteries as yet unsolved by official science.

Netflix’s new format will try to answer those longtime questions that are still a matter of debate, scientifically researched, or trending online.

Mystery Lab is scheduled to run for eight episodes s in which the protagonists will endeavor to shed some light on the titular mysteries with a simplistic, down-to-earth approach.

Mundo Misterio's opening
The original Brazilian title was ‘Mundo Misterio’

Halfway between Mythbusters and Tesla X-Files, the series will touch upon science-fiction, history, conspiracy theories – and even everyday mysteries that are closer to the viewer’s own experience.

With its unique format, the show should be right up the alley of picky viewers as well as anyone who just looks for simple, clean fun.

Each episode expands and pores over the titular mystery and has an average length of about 30 minutes.

So let’s find out, without further ado, on what uncharted paths Mystery Lab is going to take us.

Mystery Lab Episode List

The Bermuda’s Triangle or Devil’s Triangle is a legendary region in the North Atlantic Ocean in which mysterious paranormal activities and unexplained disappearances are said to have occurred. Unsurprisingly, the mysteries and speculations surrounding the Bermuda’s Triangle are gonna be featured in Mystery Lab’s opening episode.

The show will then move onto the massive outspread of the Black Plague in 1300. An infectious disease carried by rats, the Black Plague killed a momentous amount of people all over the world – a subject that hits eerily close to home to the light of the all too recent  Covid-19 pandemic.

Mystery Lab
Science-fiction. history and horror: here’s the recipe for Mystery Lab

The possibility of time travels has always had a strong fascination on mankind. Understandably, they are a fairly common scenario in science-fiction (just think about Dr. Who). In Netflix’s Mystery Lab, Felipe will investigate when – and if – men will be really able to travel through the centuries on a whim.

Less fantastic but no less intriguing for the naturalists out there is the exploration of the relationshop between man and dog, which resulted from the “taming of the wolves”. Nowadays, there’s a plethora of dog breeds but where do they all come from? Mystery Lab will retrace the longest path that took the prehistoric wolves from the forests of their birth – to the fireplaces of men.

A trope that is wildly popular in dystopian fiction involves zombie apocalypses. Just think about all the zombie movies you’ve seen or heard about. There’s quite, quite a lot of good, not-so-good and even disappointingly bad zombie fiction out there. But how likely is it for human beings to someday turn into groaning, blood-thirsty undead denizens running amok between the remains of ghost megacities? Mystery Lab will find out.

Yet this series spans from science fiction to actual factual science. One episode in particular is going to deal with the prehistoric Great Dying – the mass extinction of a great many vertebrates and inverbrates during the Permian-Triassic period.

Switching from the far past to the near future, Mystery Lab will also investigate the development of Artificial Intelligences. Will AIs ever get as intelligent and clever as man – or smarter yet? Time will tell – but Mystery Lab‘s speculations are as good and valid as any.

Lastly, Felipe will investigate global warming and changing climate, a highly popular and politicized topic surrounded by many die-hard conspiracy theories.

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