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Altered Carbon 3 on Netflix

Altered carbon

If the first serie of Altered Carbon left you amazed and you watched the second one as hungry wolfs, surely you don’t want to lose the third one!

Bignami of Altered Carbon

Let’s first do a small refresh: the serie Altered Carbon, inspired by the romances of Richard Morgan, takes place in a future where it will be possible to become immortal thanks to the technology

Our soul will be infact “saved” on a digital device, implaneted in the backbone, that can be easily put inside another body which is called “cover”, right like a disk. 

The bad boys rebel or were they good?

Until here is it everything clear not? To complicate all the things in Altered Carbon there are though a group of rebels, the Envoy, that want to give back the possibility to ‘die’ to fight the rise of the Meth. The Meth are rich representatives of the high political sphere, that rule the planet and challenge the immortality laws with illegal actions, by storaging power and money in the years, or better, in the centuries. 

A hero with many faces

Here arrives our hero Takeshi Kovacs, even called Tak

From excellent cadet of the army of the Protectorate, the regime in charge, to rebel Envoy, the way of Tak in Altered Carbon has really many faces. Almost as much as his ‘covers’ which are the bodies inside which his sould is inserted during the many episodes of Altered Carbon.

Same character, many actors

There are 3 main actors that played Tak in the first and in the second serie

The many covers of Tak in the previous seasons of Altered Carbon.
The many covers of Tak in the previous seasons of Altered Carbon.

In the first serie Tak lost his original “cover”, played by a persuasive Will Yun Lee, to reincarn in the one of Joel Kinnaman. In the second serie instead we find Tak in the body of the actor Anthony Mackie.

If your head is turning, the surprises didn’t finished!

The big mystery about the third serie

As the same style of Altered Carbon, the third serie is covered by the mystery

Netflix didn’t officially confirm yet the release of a third serie, but the speculations of the web are too many to be ignored: there will be a third serie and Tak will be in a new “cover”.

Like claimed by Schapker, the showrunner of Altered Carbon, in the interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

The purpose of Altered Carbon is that every season propose to the audience a new mystery, a new “cover” and a new planet. 

Even if the “cover” played by Anthony Mackie was redeemable so (it was destroyed at the end of the second serie), it is very unlikely that he can be the Kovacs of the third season. 

The “covers” of the other characters

If you were fond to one of the reincarnations of Tak in Altered Carbon, you will be disappointed because unfortunatelly Tak will be likely played by another actor.  

What will happen though to the other characters of the third season of Altered Carbon?

Quell, the girlfriend of Tak leader of the rebels, is ready to continue her mission, it seems so very probable that she will be played by the actress Renée Elise Goldsberry, like in the previous seasons.

There isn’t any doubt that we will see even the Poe of Chris Conner which character is going to have a sudden change with the help of his new computer friend Dig, called Annabelle in honor of a famous poetry of Edgar Allan Poe.

The bounty hunter, Trepp, played by Simone Missick, remains a big question mark: her character is still alive, but her role in the story seems finished. It will remain so a surprise if she will be part of the cast or not.

Poe and Dig, the artificial intelligences that side Tak in Altered Carbon.
Poe and Dig, the artificial intelligences that side Tak in Altered Carbon.

The releasing times of the third season

It seems so that the release isn’t confirmed yet by Netflix, but the rumors told that the third serie is predicted for the 2021

The romance author, Richard Morgan, claimed to be able to divide the story in five different serie for the tv, that could be produced by Netflix, if Altered Carbon will continue to have success.

Vox Populi, vox dei

It is hard to say if the choice to change “cover” of the main character from one season to another can affirme the success of Altered Carbon or its failure.

The audience infact has the attitude to become fond to the characters and it can be annoyed by all this changes of “cover” that at the same time though, if greatly made, can catch the interest of the audience and make Altered Carbon a unique serie.

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