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Minecraft Legends: Release Date Revealed

Are you a Minecraft enthusiast eagerly awaiting the release of the new spin-off? In this article, we reveal the release date for the upcoming Minecraft Legends. Mojang’s block-building game is about to return with new strategic levels to solve and complete. Here’s the news.

Minecraft Legends: What to expect?

Before revealing the release date of the new Minecraft Legends, we want to discuss the new features of this Mojang strategy RPG.

The game is developed in collaboration with the Blackbird team, offering fans of this genre a new gaming experience. Strategy is now integrated into Minecraft’s interactive multiverse, and players will be fully immersed in the gameplay.

minecraft legends
The new interactive Minecraft multiverse is about to return. The new game will be unlocked by the developers on April 18th

What to expect? A new challenge for all new and old players who will find themselves having to contain the advance of Piglins corrupted by the Nether. Those who have already played Minecraft know that it won’t be an easy task. With the new Minecraft Legends, to win, players will have to create and arm their own army, trying to give them a chance to win by building strong and resistant fortresses.

Creating bases and traps

As in the original version, in the new Minecraft Legends, the goal is to create bases and insert many traps inside fortresses in which to trap enemies.

Speaking of bases, there’s a small novelty to talk about. Mojang and Blackbird have worked to expand the player’s inventory. Now players will have hundreds and hundreds of materials, logical blocks, objects, combat equipment, weapons, and modular architectural components at their disposal.

minecraft legends
What are the new features of the new Minecraft game? Find out by reading our article.

The features just described will make a difference in fortress construction, as they will help the player give stability and strength to the structure designed to defend the perimeter of their army.

Minecraft Legends will be released on…

Minecraft Legends will be unlocked on April 18th. There’s not much time left and game fans can’t wait to experience all the new features we just described.

Basically, this is what will happen: on April 18th, the developers will open the servers and the game will be available online. Later, the game will then arrive on the shelves of all electronics and video game stores (and it will surely sell like hotcakes).

minecraft legends
Your army will have to defeat the Nether once again. This time you will have a brand new inventory full of useful items at your disposal.

The release will be worldwide. It will happen simultaneously in every country in the world. The developers have also stated that for those who buy the game, the download will be free: just register and purchase an Xbox Game Pass subscription and as early as the late afternoon of April 18th, these players will have the opportunity to start playing first.

Final thoughts

For those who want to know more, we have some final thoughts to share. The game will not be exclusive to Microsoft. It can be played on Xbox (One and Series X|S), as well as on PC. Not only that.

Even owners of Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 will be able to download the new Minecraft Legends. If you’re interested and want to discover a sneak peek of what the new version of the world’s most famous “block game” will be like, you can search online for game previews.

These previews will allow you to play online for a duration of 30 minutes and experience the new inventory for constructions and see how the new strategic patterns devised by Mojang and Blackbird work.

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