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The app to train the emotional intelligence

The app for the emotional intelligence

Loel is an innovative app that proposes itself as an instrument to improve the emotional intelligence especially for the youngest ones, which are lacking of it because of the excessive usage of the technology. It seems a little bit a nonsense however the experimentation just made of it did very positive results. The app is realized almost as a game where you can deal with some activities that help to understand the dynamics of the emotional intelligence. 

What is the emotional intelligence

First of all let’s say what the emotional intelligence is, only like this it’s possible to understand its importance. The emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise, to use and to manage the emotions, ours and the of others.

It is so being able to evaluate and to correctly express the emotions, being able to regulate their intensity and to better use them to promote the emotional and the mental growth. 

The emotional intelligence can be measured, according to the method Salovey and Mayer or according to the method Goleman, through a test. This test has the peculiarity to not have objectively correct answers. 

emotional intelligence
Loel is an app to develop the emotional intelligence

In the work world it’s a researched quality, especially for the ones who covered a managerial role it’s a great instrument for the leadership.

A high level of emotional intelligence seems to have positive effects on the social, family and work relationships, even the schoolwork seems to improve. Basically who has it benefits from a higher mental wellness, with good levels of self-worth and less insecurities. 

The doubts though that comes from the studiers world is that who has it can use this skill as a manipulative weapon, by putting in danger upper coordinative figures. Someone in bad faith can simulate some situations to take advantages from them. 

But the high levels of emotional intelligence don’t seem to worry the generation Z, which is used to use the technology as a filter for every kind of activity and it isn’t able anymore to correctly manage the social relationships. They are less careful and less able, they are in difficulty especially in the job environments. 

Loel the app for the emotional training

Loel was born for this reason. An application able to help to understand the emotions and the interpersonal communications, allowing so the users to use these informations for social or working reasons. Loel is the result of a long and complicated cycle of experimentations, coordinated in Sardinia by Antonio Martis.

To promote the development of this app is the “Loel-League of Emotional Learners” (strategical partenship created with the support of the Program Erasmus+). Together with the Loel, the sardinian association Tdm 2000, an indipendet organizionation involved in programs of experential learning and unformal education. There is then even the spanish MC2020. Together with them there is then Point Europa, organization no-profit that works in the South East Cornwall and the portugish company of development and consulence Virtual Campus with the University of Tallinn in Estonia.

emotional intelligence
Many are the games realized to improve the performances of emotions understanding


The application includes a multilanguage dictionary with fifty emotions and many playing activities in the section called the “Emotions Box”. There is then the section “Express yourself” that instead proposes five games about the expression skills called: «mute stories, complete the illustrations, says it with the emoji, random words and emotional language».

The space called “Emotional organizers” creates an area where it’s possible to learn and to practice with the management of the emotions in the professional field, always through fun activities. 

Loel proposes itself even as an instrument for teachers, educators and all the people that work with teenagers in the educational field and that want to improve their emotional intelligence. 

The app is downloadable for free in the stores Android and Apple and it is available in many languages, between which italian too. It has an attractive and modern interface studied right for the youngest ones. 

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