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Did you lose the car’s keys? There is the smartphone

The one of the car’s key is an argument that often creates stress in many people. Many infact lose them, they leave them at home while leaving to go to work, or even many forget them inside some jacket or bag. From now on we don’t need the keys anymore: you can always open your vehicle with the smartphone.

The car’s keys become smart

Already for years, the cars‘ producers created the electronic keys for the opening of the vehicle of new generation. Technological keys with a different aspect then the usual old keys.

chiavi dell'auto elettroniche
An example of electronic car’s keys with the chip to insert inside the specific slot. These keys are last generation keys, but they are already being replaced by the smartphone.

There is who only needs to push a button and to put the keys in the car inside a specific slot for the reading of the internal chip. There is who only needs to open the car and to leave the keys inside the bag. 

With these smart systems to open and to safety drive our vehicle it seems almost impossible to lose or to forget the keys. In reality, it’s right because the things got easier, that very often we forget them. What to do in this case? Like we said in the intro, it will be enough to open the car with the smartphone.

Let’s open the car with the smartphone

From today on you can transform your smartphone into a “virtual” key. The technological progress brought us until here and every day our phone does much more than just call and send messages. 

chiavi dell'auto sul tuo smartphone
Today you can open the car with the smartphone. It’s enough to transform it in car’s keys

An example? With the specific apps we can bring with us all the cards that back in time crowded the pocket. Now they can become electronic keys for the opening of doors or real keys of the car. 

In this case it will be enough to download the software Perfectly Keyless. This is only an example of application useful for this purpose available on your app store. It is a system that allows the driver to forget the digital keys. An example of connected mobility that shows how advanced the technology is. 

Once downloaded the software on the smartphone it will be enough to follow the instructions of subscription of the app and to record the digital key with the QR code that is on the car registration book. Since the moment of the registration you can forget the key and open and drive it only by opening the app on the home of your mobile phone. 

Not everyone can forget the car’s keys

There is a small problem. If you have a car older than the 2015 unfortunatelly there aren’t systems to access to the services of the vehicle without the original car’s key. 

So, not everyone can forget the key, but if you are thinking to buy a new car you should know that with the new generation cars you can freely drive without the keys on your pocket or in your bag. 

Who can drive?

We wonder therefore if with this system the car can be drive only by who recorded the keys of the car on the applicarion or if the drive of the vehicle can be something for all the members of the family. 

Onviusly the technology thought something about it too. Coming back to talk about the software Perfectly Keyless, between the functions there is even the one about the possibility to transfer to other people the permission to use the same car.

Through a safe and protected process against the not allowed accesses, it’s send an extra virtual key to other smartphones through the Cloud. An important specific that allows even to the services of car sharing and to the rend operators to flexible manage the keys and the accesses. 

We don’t need anymore the traditional keys

Basically the traditional car’s keys are useless now. With these systems we can finally have one more time everything in only one object and to always bring less objects with us. 

chiavi dell'auto tradizionali
With these new technological systems, the traditional car’s keys are useless

The car’s keys can be used once created the access to the smartphone for the opening and the switching on of the car with the app, but at the end, because of the simpleness of the usage of the software, who really still want to use the old generation car’s keys?

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