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The Android’s apps to read the e-books


What’s better than read a book, for example during a trip or in holiday, with a summer sunset? Like we know, the technology included even the publishing’s field creating the e-books. The e-books are nothing more than digital form books, and they have many advantages. With the e-books it is possible to buy books at favourable prices and jsut having on our device a massive quantity of books to consult in every moment we want, even personalizing them. There are infact same applications for device tablet android through which we can easy have the e-boooks always with us, so to spend our time while waiting in a station or for a work meeting by reading a book able to let the time goes quickly.

The best platforms for the online reading

The e-books are directly associated to the Amazon Kindle, that always represents better this new kind of technological reading. Its popularity is surely up to the many postitive reviews by its users and even because in Amazon Kindle is possible to find out the biggest choise of e-books. Infact, with Amazon Kindle for the purchase of a book we just have to go on the store e-book Amazon, choose a book to buy and send it on our device android.


In the past, a great choise to read our e-books on the tablets android was surely Go Book, competitor of the previous icone of the reading on-line. Suggested by many, the application was developed by GO Dev Team and it worked allowing to move our own e-books directly with an SD and so without any connection with the online stores. Like for Amazon Kindle even with Go Book, we could change the font’s size, the background’s colour and the lightening, the contrast, the screen’s rotation, with the opportunity furthermore to copy parts of the text, underline them, share them through Socials or email and to add a selection in the Note. Unfortunatelly this app was overtaken by others, between which ReadEraeBoox, Aldiko, Moon+ and so on. We would like to talk with you about some of them.

The e-books: more addictive books, ever available and iteractive

Between the useful apps android to read the e-books we can’t don’t talk about Aldiko. Aldiko is really popular as application even because often it is between the pre-installed apps on our device tablet android since them purchase. This app is equipped with a rendering’s engine really versatile, with which we can read texts even in PDF form and it supports Adobe DRM but it hasn’t a Dropbox platform. The app contains a selection fully focused on the purchase of our e-books.


Moon+ is surely a valid alternative and it is between the most complete and accurate apps. This is up to its multitasking functioning able to support many extensions between which : epub, txt, chm, pdf, mobi, cbz, cbr, zip, umd, fb2, html or OPDS. Moon+ unlike Aldiko, supports DropBox but not Adobe DRM. In its free version there is the advertising that though doesn’t obstacle the reading. The app is availbale even in its pro version, which costs only 4,99€, where the advertising is avoided and we can further use the option “protect with a password“, the multitouch, and so on.

We don’t have to forgot about FBReader, an app that is distinguished for the simplicity of the interface, and it is considered the most versatile app for the online reading. This is because it is perfect even for the low cost tablets lack of store’s space. Infact, the app doesn’t give any problem to the memory of our device because its weight is really low.

Every one of the mentioned apps is suitable with the needs of the users, but largly they are surely valid choises if you are passioned of reading and you are looking for a method to keep your books always with you.



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