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Going Medieval a new simulator game

going medieval

Are you fans of Animal Crossing? Do you like the life simulator videogames? Going Medieval so is the videogame for your: it’s set in the ninth century and it’s a life simulator between the most sold in the last months on the platform Steam. But Going Medieval isn’t a simple copy of The Sims. It’s a product with thousand shadows.

Going Medieval the game of thousand shadows

Our travel starts with three colonists in an empty field: but don’t worry the colonists have some food with them to not die of hunger. The first thing to do it’s so build a small hut to sleep.

You will so start to discover that every figure of the game is different, it has a character and specific needs. In Going Medieval, so, besides to learn how to use the skills of the colonists you will even need to learn how to correctly use the land to start to grow fruit and vegetable. For this reason you will have to decide which figure will have to do a specific duty.

Furthermore, like in The Sims, the colonists need to eat, sleep, drink and even to take care of themselves. But not only: they don’t have to get bored and they have to take care of their aspect. All of it always while trying to plant crops, to increase the populaton and to become ever stronger.

going medieval
We need to learn to manage the crops to help the village growing

Be careful though to not be too much permissive and to give too much relax to the colonists, because you will fail! At the same time we don’t even let them become slaves, in this case the field will go great, but the colonists might run away.

Once found the right balance the player will have to learn to manage a small village that will become ever bigger: we will need to build new buildings, to manage the food and the garbage.

But that’s not all, there are many other surprises

If it seems to “great” so you must know that that’s not all: infact there is even to fight! If you will be able to manage the colonists and the village you will be envied by the neighbors and so you will have to stop invasions and attacks. Specifically each figure can be equipped with armors and, after a small training, he will be in the troups to protect the village.

in going medieval you fight
If you will play well, and you will have a big village with a lot of food, you will have even to protect it!

Let’s always remember to be careful about you choose for the army: you might have a soldier without aim, in this case you will have to “train” him to increase his skills. This worth even for the other fields.
If you will be good and you will be able to manage everything you will see your village grow as much to let it become a small village with a castle protected by archers.


If you thing that’s too much to manage don’t worry: Going Medieval will start slow and it allows to learn to manage all the functions. Lastly let’s say something about the graphic: it’s easy, not too much detailed, it’s anyway pleasant and it allows to get involved in the age. You might enjoy the flow of the seasons and the weather changes: your colonists might even fight in the snow.
The game is available, we said, on Steam still only with an preview access (the price is about 20 euros) but in few months it will be available for all.

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