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Biofactories for anti-covid vaccines

Maybe you read something about that in the last months online. Today we talk about a project that since the plants should be able to help to come out from the pandemic of Covid-19. We are talking about the biofactories where there will be realized the anti-covid vaccines.

The project of the biofactories

Like we said it isn’t a new that some researchers of the Enea thought to use the Plant molecular farming to obtain bio medicines.

The plants might be used as biofactories to produce vaccines, antibodies and products to fight the Covid-19.

The purpose? Satisfy the national request of the anti-covid vaccines. But there is something more and we are going to discover it.

The idea of the researchers is to make the vaccines within all reach in a very short time and it seems that the nature might help us one more time.

The initiative Plant molecular farming

The Plant molecular farming uses vegetal systems to produce moleculas that can be used in the drug sector.

From these moleculas we might obtain the proteins needed to synthetize antibodies and vaccines to fight the Covid-19 and many other diseases.

The Plant molecular farming uses vegetal systems to produce moleculas that can be used in the drug sector.

An innovative project that will surely help our Country in the screening of mass and that will increase even the investments in eco-sustainable structures.

The biofactories might be the solution for the passive immunotherapy and they might even help the medicine companies to save on the production costs by investing in the research.

Biofactories: not only against the Covid-19

The idea of the researchers goes beyond the fight of the current pandemic of Coronavirus. 

Many are the studies and the simulations that they already did. An example that we found online is the one of a canadian company that decided to experiment the usage of the Plant molecular farming for the anti-flue vaccine.

This demonstrates that it’s a very ambitious project, but even that it can be a solution for pandemic cases like the current one or for future ones.

The nature saves the human beings, through a system that might join the traditional ones of medicine production.

How much do they cost?

The costs of the biofactories might be less expensive of what we think. Otherwise someone write that they might be less expensive than the traditional ones.

Maybe build a factory where one works and studies the compounds born by the environment might requiere high risky amounts. But with the time, they will be surely amortised by the sale of innovative products created inside these factories.

biofactories costs and nature
The nature doesn’t cost much and it helps the human. By using it, the human might be able to use it for cure. An unique cycle of life.

The only thing is to believe that the work of the biofactories is possible and to make it so. Even because it will mean even an important energy saving with the increase of the eco-sustainability of the sector.

Invest in these new platforms will mean invest in the science and in the research to find a solution to many of the problems of the world.

The biofactories besides the vaccine

Nothing is sure for the usage of the biofactories in the fight against the Covid-19. That’s why the news about this project are many and different on the web.

The point is that the idea is to make as much as possible because, besides the Covid-19, the potentialities of the products created in the biofactories are many.

An example? Create anti-cancer antibodies, or realize instruments for join the stem cells in the fight against the genetic diseases of the cancer.

How we can read on an article published by AIRC, the stem cells can cure some kinds of cancer. Because they have the ability to transform themselves in different cells of our body.

Like them, even the products of the biofactories create useful elements for the chemical composition of the pathogens able to cure or to prevent different kind of illness.  

Believe in these new system means to give hope to who is suffering. Not only. It will mean even to give importance to the enviromnet as a life and cure resource in a relationship human-nature that we lost in centuries.

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