What are the Chromebook

Today we talk about the Chromebook, a kind of computer less known, but that are climbing the global marketplaces. Let's discover together what the Chromebooks are and why should we choose it instead of a traditional computer.

The digital Euro is coming

It seems that the digital Euro might be soon a reality. An experimental form of it might arrive already until the end of the 2021. But let's discover together what this digital currency is, how it will work and which benefits it will bring.…

What are the Super Apps

We all know the applications of the smartphone, or of any kind of device. Maybe we even know that there are many categories of them. But do you know, instead, what are the Super Apps? It's a new way to conceive the applications and all the…

What’s Amazon Build it

Amazon launches Build it, where the product is made only if one likes it. A system of pre-orders very similar to the system of crowfunding of many platforms. The product is made only if the users are interested in it, otherwise the project…

The arrival of Perseverance

After 203 days of travel and 470 million of kilometers, Perseverance finally landed on Mars. The rover of the Nasa will now study the red planet, by trying to discover is there was never life on the planet.