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Smartphone Yahoo: small and cheap

The new smartphone Zte Blade A3Y

Do you remember Yahoo? One of the first more spreaded search engines, overthrown then by Google.com, and now became Yahoo! Search? Well, Yahoo launched its new smartphone and it’s on sale at only 50 dollars! The smartphone Yahoo was recently introduced in the United States of America and it wants to conquer the low range marketplace. This can be an extreme attempt of the ex colossus of the research Yahoo to stay alive, by focusing especially on the youth. But let’s find out what we are talking about and its characteristics. 

The new smartphone Yahoo

It isn’t so only the search engine Google to have realized its own smartphone Pixel, now even Yahoo realizes its own smartphone, it’s though made in cooperation with Zte. It isn’t its first smartphone: Yahoo already realized one for the japanese marketplace, but what it wants to do now is to conquer the american marketplace: it wants to focus not a lot on the technical characteristics, but on the cappilarity of the sales. Zte is a chinese colossus of planning and production of devices and telecommunications systems. Recently, for example, it presented the new Azon 20, a 5G mobile phone, the first one to have the camera integrated under the display.

The final product, though, in this case, isn’t a very trendy mobile phone. It is on the opposite even, for example, with the Google’s one. The hardware doesn’t use recent technologies, though it has an advantage, a characteristics to beat all the potential competitors: the price.

smartphone yahoo
The price is very competitive and it includes even the sim Yahoo Mobile with the all included rate at 40 dollars per month

The smartphone Yahoo costs such few because it can be an affordable product for everyone, even if about the technic it isn’t the top. Infact it has a processor Mediatek Helio A22 with 2 GB of memory RAM and 32 GB for the data storage and for the application installation, which is expandible up to 2TB with a microSD card. There is only one camera of 8 megapixel on the back and one for the selfies on the front of 5 megapixel.

smartphone yahoo
In the smartphone there are all the applications Yahho pre-installed, like Yahoo mail, Yahoo meteo, Yahho Finance

About the display it is an IPS (with technology LCD) of 5,45 inches which is finished with a super coloured purple cover, that remembers the historical logo of Yahoo. The surface is with slash strips in relief, for who hopes it is in metal we should say a bad new, to save money, it was realized in plastic. The battery, instead, is another strong suit. It has 2660 mAh, a very particular shape, that can be even removable, by going against the trends, compared with the other smartphones that are available on the marketplace today. 

What to expect from this product

This kind of product isn’t aimed to who is looking for a cheap but anyway performing smartphone. The audience for the Zte Blade A3Y (this is the offical name for the smartphone Yahoo) is looking a basic product to call, to connect to internet by using a browser, to use the social networks and the instant messaging like Whatsapp, but nothing more. 

Pre-installed though there are the main applications of Yahoo like: Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo sports and then mail and meteo.

Yahoo Mobile
The new Smartphone Yahoo will have a sim with an all included fee for 40 dollars per month

Yahoo thought even about a dedicated fee. To complete the package, thanks to the operator Yahoo Mobile, which is supported by the american network 4G of the bigger Verizon, which is then even the company of Yahoo. The fee for the new smartphone Yahoo doesn’t have any frill: sms, calls and internet, all endless, at only 40 dollars per month.


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