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App Recipes: when you have no ideas for dinner

app recipes on smartphone and tablet

Today we discover together the most used apps recipes to create new dishes, or to save the dinner at the last second. If you aren’t a great chef and you don’t have the book of granny’s recipes at home neither, this is the article for you.

Why should we download an app recipes?

Because we aren’t all great chefs. Let’s say that not everyone has a book of recipes at home to take inspiration.

We live ever more frenetic lifes and this makes us careless people about our nutrition. Have in mind what to cook and how to do it it’s important for our health.

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The app recipes are very useful not only to cook but even to stay in shape.

Even for this reason it can be useful to have on our smartphone an app recipes: to follow a nutrion plan, to remember what to buy when we go grocery, to help us to find solutions to empty the fridge when we only have few kinds of food.

5 apps recipes to download

Let’s see together which free app recipes are worth to download. There are all kinds of them, even for the ones that would like to stay in shape.

The first one is surely the most known, the application of Giallo Zafferano. There are more than 2000 recipes divided per category that allow us to have a “huge” book of recipes always with us in any moment. But not only. Many of the most famous recipes have video tutorial to follow step by step.

For a daily menu: Petitchef

If you are running low of ideas, this is the app for you. Petitchef is the app recipes that helps you to choose the whole menu of the day only by watching what there is inside your fridge.

It’s an application with a linear and clear graphic. There are some advertising, sometime, which are needed to make the app free. You will have recipes studied according to the food, which is very useful for who is always in a hurry and doesn’t have time to do shopping.

If you like exotic

Do you have the passion for the asian food? Let’s download Ricette asiatiche. It’s an application where you will find oriental recipes.

app recipes asian food
If you like the asian food you have to try Ricette asiatiche, the app recipes where you will find many ideas from orient.

From the to the Thailandia, until the Vietnam and Malaysia. You can challenge yourself by creating new dishes, fizzy and interesting, while learning to cook and having fun.

An useful app recipes for who loves to have guests for dinner because it can be the solution for the menu of the night, with new recipes that surprise friends and relatives. Seeing is believing.

MyFitnessPal, for who wants to stay in shape

It is mainly an app to keep track of the calories. But since few upgrades though it put the the possibility to create recipes in line with our macro nutrients. 

The idea of this app recipes is infact the one that by choosing by ourself what to eat every day by following the line of the macro nutrients we will be able to come back or to keep in shape. In the section “Nutrition” the users have the graphic with the percentage of the carbohydrates, the fat and the proteins that they daily take. According to the scheme chosen by the user and the food put in the nutrion diary, MyFitnessPal pro proposes some recipes in line with the scheme.

So, if you would like to stay in shape, this app recipes might be what you need. Even because it has a very large community where the users support each other in their personal growth way through the diet.

App light recipes

Let’s stay on the focus diet and let’s talk about an app recipes that proposes light ideas to keep ourself in diet, for example after the Christmas holidays or after the summer ones.

It’s called Dieta and it has as basic idea the one to propose a smart and easy recipe book to leave the users free to create their personal diet. Unfortunatelly it’s available only for iOS, but it’s free and easy.

The recipes of this application are studied to eat healthy but with flavour. It has a main menu that divides the recipes for ingredients, by allowing the users to select the dishes according to their flavours but even according to what they have in the fridge.

The caloric intake of every recipe is always very low and every recipe has another one linked so to create a complete menu – starter, lunch and dinner – to take care of the body without think to much at it.

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