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The best 5 Apps for your workout

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Now the Apps represent the more fast and versatile way to integrate our needs, our passions and why not, even our physical health. The Apps find strong usage in every field, one of them is surely the sports one and so the physical workout.

There are many Apps which are able to perfectly replace a personal trainer. In this article we will present the 5 best Apps (all available both on iOs and Android) able to follow your work out efficiently.

Nike+ Run Club

My Fitness Pal

This app is often suggested even by the gym’s staff to give you a pocket digital guide for your health. The slogan of My Fitness Pal is “The fitness starts from what you eat”, infact the app integrates a good atletic praparation with a correct nutrition.

Once downloaded the application, it will ask you a real personal nutrition diary combined with your personal physical parameters. Through this the app determinates how many calories we are assimilating and if those respect our energetic need.

The app puts attention on what we eat: it is even equipped with a scanner that helps us to recognise the already packed foods. My Fitness Pal even has a part where there are many sports suggestions.

The strong suite of this app is the way it is able to estimate your daily calorific level. The inclusion in the guide of the physical activity is a process easy to activate because like we said, the app puts it consequentially to a correct nutrition.

Nike+ Run Club App

This app signed by Nike, unlike the previous My Fitness Pal, is uniquely focused on the real sports training.

The Nike’s work, always, is not only to sell products, but to create innovation. We care about our athletes and doesn’t matter if they are beginners or professionals. We want to give them something more. Nike+ Run Club App is thought for this. It doesn’t matter if who runs is on his first race or if he does it since always, because our work out will be 100% personalised. Since always we are between the first top-application about the running used all over the world”, claimed one of the creators of the app Nike, Jay Lee, Senior Product Director of Category Experiences of Nike.

The previous version of the app, so before the upgrade, was Nike+ Running. The news introduced with the upgrade are substantially two. There is a program that is focused on the user’s targets and on his physical level: the program suites itself with the reached progresses. Furthermore, the app now is installable even on the Apple Watch.


This app has a huge usage especially between the runners and the cyclists. The functioning of the application is focused on the technology GPS. The application collected infact around 100 millions of routes of runners and cyclists that use it, by creating a real map for the same athletes.

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout 

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout is the app used by who wants a short but intense training. Like suggests its title, the app organizes some really short and daily work outs that allow to reach real outcomes.

Inside of the personalised work out it is possible to insert cardio exercise or only muscular exercises. The app records and shows the development in dedicated summary graphics.

Max Capacity Training 

Max Capacity Training is an app really similar to the previous one, or at least with the same strong suite: short but efficient work out. The app programs your complete work out by enclosing it in only 12 weeks, the app is really useful for who has few time to go in the gym or to run.

An interesting part of the work out is the “Time Attack”, it starts in the third week and it is a kind of sprint, which requests to do exercises in a shorter time, all of it modulated according to the user’s physical performance.

App Workout

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