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Gamer, how do you become?

professional gamer

Everyone who loves videogames probably wondered more than once how to become professional gamers. Both if you prefer to play alone or in team, there are some guidance to follow to start your professional carrier.

10 steps to the job of Gamer

First of all, like anything else in the life, it’s important to be motivated and to play for the right reason. 

We must have love for competition, as well as everyone who wants to play sport, and to try to always be positive to keep focus on the purposes.

gamer how do become
Become Gamer is a very long way. Let’s see how to do it

The gamer moved by the money, the fame and the success, probably will finish their enthusiasm before to become professionals. Love the videogames makes the difference when we have to train all the days to gain the needed skills to become a professional.

Now we will have to choose the kind of game. So you’ll be able to choose an emergent game, to try it or to review it, or even to decide to work on an already famous title, to find out tricks and targets until now unknown to the most.

You can try both the ways if you are at the beginning and let’s play a lot. At the end you will choose the kind that you prefer the most.

Our suggest is to try someone and to choose the one that you like the most. Let’s remember that you will have to play a lot to it. 

Let’s live the community of Gamers

Even if the professional gaming is based on individual talents, we cannot ignore the culture around the game.

Before to spend hours and hours to learn every single detail about a specific game, let’s spend a bit of time in the forums and in other meeting points for gamers. This experience will give you more suggests for the way to follow and you will better understand if the carrier of professional gamer is really perfect for your targets and for your personal motivations.

You must try to live as much as possible the community which is around this system so to understand even how to do your carrier.

Looks for the comparision with other players. Watch a lot of videos on Youtube. Read forums and bachecas. Let’s deepen the argument and give your support to let the community grow itself, by interacting with the other players.

The community is a strong motivation to keep the interest for a game for a long time.

The devices are important

If you don’t have the right equippements, by starting from a good mouse for gaming and a mechanic keyboard, let’s forget about to enter in the world of the gamers.

When we talk about remotes, the options are so many. They are different for size, model and feeling, you can choose the most right for you always by comparing yourself with the community. Let’s have a look to what the other players use and to the competitors of you own style of game. It’s a great starting point.

Anyway, any device you will choose, it’s good to use always the same mouse and the same keyboard. Even if it will be enough to see what the professionals do. Usually, the equippements that they use to train themselves is the same one that they use to compete.

The confidence with the devices gets the passage to the competitive environment easier, there tension and pressure can play bad tricks.

Let’s then remember that you must be coherent with the choice of the hardware.

The organizers of professional events wisely chooce the components of system that won’t obstacle the gameplay with delays or bad frame rate. The performances of your notebook for gaming or PC for gaming must be good.

Train yourself!

With the matchmaking in-game and the premium services of matchmaking like ESEA, it’s easy to find someone with which you can play. But if you want to win you must train yorself.

First of all let’s keep confidence with the game dynamic and let’s focus on the learning of specific skills for the game until when they won’t be anchored to your memory.

gamer training
The Gamers need a lot of training to become professionals.

The professional gamers tirelessly train themselves about the mechanic to be competitve and to improve themselves. Even for this reason, the players that just started must practice a lot to quickly improve themselves and to keep the step with the ones that play for years.

Once improved your game skills you must look for your personal strategy. You must understand your role in the game and you will have to learn to play in video and live streaming.

While you will improve yourself, let’s watch again your matches and analyse your style and your mistakes to learn from your own game.

Team Gamers

Let’s assume that it’s been a while that you play. You hang out with the community of game and you started to have a reputation of gamer. In this case that’s the moment to find a team. 

To play with other gamers, especially if they are better than you or with different skills, it’s one of the most precious experience that a gamer can live.

If you are really good, a team will probably notice you. Otherwise, let’s try to contact them yourself. Where? Always in the specialized forums for the community gamer. There are many team games or single player games that allow the player to interact. Let’s go in and start to compete.

Once there you will be able to start to climb the most famous competitions. There you will be able to enter in contact with the best players.

Create relationships with the stronger players can bring great occasions to you. It’s in these environments that the players can be noticed by professional organization and become professional gamers.

Let’s keep the balance and live like a professional

Once you will be in the flow it’s the moment to balance the hours of game between competition and training.

The professional gamers have to find the right balance between the game and the training. An approach that we can say it’s holistic which includes even a correct feeding, excercise and social life.

Why? Well, it’s scientifically proof that it improves the focusing and it prevent the stress made by the videogames.

Keep a healthy life style will allow you to be motivated enough to develop the skills that, at the end, will be noticed by the professional organizations.

Furthermore, become a professional gamer will request years of hard work and practice, so it won’t be enough to play. You will have to live like a real high levels players, so you have to play because you like it and you will have to alternate the training with an active social life that will keep you anchored on earth.

Unfortunatelly, many professional gamers lost themselves inside the games to which they were played, which made them lose the contact with the reality and the awareness of the game.

The looking for positive sources of motivations is the basic for the life of the gamer.

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