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The best accessories for Nintendo Switch

Accessories Nintendo Switch

Nintendo get us used to the fact that its world isn’t made only of consoles and videogames, but even of a serie of accessories that make the experience interactive and even more funny. Let’s discover together which are, so, the best accessories for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch, an extremely versatile console

First of all, we have to say that Nintendo Switch is an extremely versatile console even without the added accessories.

Infact, it has a serie of double functions to adapt itself to all the needs of the videoplayers. It is a home console, that can be connected to a television, to play on the big screen. But it’s even a portable console. We only have to unplug it from the dock station and bring it wherever we want, as a normal portable console.

Even the Joystick is extremely versatile. The two side JoyCons can be joined to create a controller for a solo player. But they can be used both for a cooperative match.

Even more versatile

But the Nintendo Switch is even more versatile and extremely customizable with an endless serie of accessories thought right for it.

Accessories Nintendo Switch
Accessories Nintendo Switch

There are accessories aimed to improve the ergonomics of the Switch or the comfort of the JoyCons, micro SD, charges, covers, and so on.

Covers for Nintendo Switch

Let’s start from the more classic of the accessories: the cover. Yes, because when we talk about a portable console, it needs a cover.

A safety box where to put not only our console, but all the accessories for it: the cartridges of our favourite videogames, the Joystick, all the cables, to charge it or to connect it to the tv of a friend.

In commerce there are many different covers, for all the flavours and for all the pockets. All of them are soft inside, to avoid damages, a main space where to put the console and many compatments where to put all the accessories.

The cover is the very first thing to buy if we want to use the Switch outside. Besides to the model for the short trip, of which we were talking before, there are even many “travelversions.

In this case the cover is bigger and inside it we can put all the Switch system, included the dock station, a gamepad, the chargers and up to 14 cartridges.

Films and protective covers

The second accessories to which we have to think about for our Nintendo Switch are a good protective cover and the films for the glass.

About the protective covers there are many kinds of them. We can cover all the console inside one silicon protection (with the Joycons docked on the screen), it will allow us to play in the portable mode.

Or we can choose single protective covers for the JoyCons, for when we play at home, with the screen of the television, and the Switch is safe inside its dock station.

For the car trip with Nintendo Switch

A good portable console is a great solution for the long car trips. For this reason there are many accessories thought right for the car interior.

Like a great flexible support for the headrest, where to place the console and play in the cooperative mode on the back seats of the car.

Another useful accessory is the car charger, to continue playing even the battery of the Switch is low.

Additional Controller

Like we said the two JoyCons can be joined to make a Joystick, but if we want more confort we can choose an additional controller.

Accessories Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, for example, is the official controller realized by Nintendo for the Switch. It’s a traditional controller but it even has all the extra functions of the JoyCons, like the NFC to read the amiibos, the gyroscope and the HD Rumble.

Otherwise, Nintendo realized even some supports for the JoyCons, which simulate the shape of a normal controller.


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