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Pac Man 99, the battle royal of a big classic

Pac Man 99

For all the ones that want to live again the emotion of a big classic that made the history of the videogames, at their beginning, it arrives Pac Man 99. The remake of the most famous yellow little ball of the world, which fights again the coloured ghosts, in version battle royal. Let’s discover it together.

The surprisingly release of Pac Man 99

Pac Man 99 was surprisingly released. Nintendo announced a new title, that follows the ones already released with the same modes (Tetris 99 and Super Mario 35).

The title is already available, since the 7th of april, for free for all the subscribers of Nintendo Switch Online.

The Nintendo Switch Online offers discounts and exclusive products, it gives to the users the possibility to play in multiplayer and to save the datas on the Cloud.

All of it through montly or annual subscription. And it is right to this category of users that is aimed the battle royal of Pac Man 99.

The Nintendo users already known this mode of game. There are, infact, already two versions battle royal of Tetris and Super Mario 35. Like always to win is the last surviver.

The story of Pac Man

To see the birth of the famous yellow little ball that eats the ghosts we have to come back to the 1980. The game was born as an arcade for the old games room.

Pac Man
Pac Man, between the most classic than the arcade games

The success arrived immediatelly and already in the following years the producer Namco published many versions for the consoles of that time and for pc.

One told that Toru Iwatani had the idea during a dinner with his friends, while he was observing a round pizza to which they took off a slice (which really resembles the yellow ball).

At the beginning the game was called Puckman, a word that comes from the japanese pakupaku (open and close the mouth). The name was then changed to simplify the commercialization in the United States.

The success was fast and exponential. In the following years hundreds of different versions were released. There are even imitations and hacks.

“We were at the right place in the right moment, with the right game”.

The game mode

Pac Man 99 remember the original version of the famous game. Pac Man is known and loved by all. The game is linear and very easy.

Pac Man 99
Pac Man 99 is very similar to the classic game, but together with us there are other 98 players

We are a little yellow ball closed inside a maze. During the match the player has to eat all the red dots spreaded along the way and, while doing it, we must be careful to not be eaten too by the four ghosts that are together with us inside the maze.

By the wat there are four special pills that we can eat. These pills make the ghosts, which are usually deathless, eatable. The ghosts become so blue and for 10 seconds they are vulnerable.

Once finished the maze, which means once ate all the dots, we go to the following maze.

There are even some special objects that Pac Man can eat and that give us extra points. They are cherries, strawberries, oranges, apples, grapes, the spaceship of Galaxian, bells and keys.

Pac Man 99 – the battle Royal

Let’s, lastely, arrive to Pac Man 99, the battle royal for Nintendo Switch. The game runs exactly like the classic Pac Man, but together with us there will be other 98 players.

Pac one
Win the last one that survive, by conquering the title of Pac-One

Each one of us has his own maze and his own field game, but each one of us will be able to launch attacks and counter moves to try to eliminate the other players. Every ghost that we will be able to eat will be sent inside the mazes of the other players.

We will be even able to do strategies and to realize combos, like collect a “train” of ghosts to send to another player to definitivelly eliminate him.

Like every battle royal wins the last one that survive, which will receive the title of Pac-One.

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