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The 10 videogames that are most valuable

The 10 videogames that are most valuable

Which kind of videoplayer are you? Are you between the ones that bring back the game when finished, to obtain a percentage of discount on the next title, or are you between the ones that keep any cartridge and any console, since the dawn of the videogames’ world? If you are part of this second category, the really lovers of videogames, the ones that never leave their old consoles and their old games, so you should know that you might have a small treasure hidden at home. Here you have the 10 videogames that are most valuable. Are you ready to know which titles they are?

Elemental Gearbolt – limited edition 1998

Elemental Gearbolt is a science-fiction shooter videogame published for the first time for Playstation in the 1997. In the 1998 it was released a special limited edition in occasion of the E3 of the 1998.

The 10 videogames that are most valuable
Elemental Gearbolt – Assassin’s Case

The Assassin’s Case, limited edition of the original game, counts only 40 copies. Today they worth between the 1500 and the 2000 dollars each one.

Videogames that are most valuable: Atlantis II

Atlantis II is the sequel of the first Atlantis, released for Atari 2600. This second title was developed for the tournament Atari Defense Atlantis. The copies of Atlantis II went exclusivelly to the tournament winners. These copies today worth about 7000 dollars.

Red Sea Crossing

This is a real rarity. Let’s come back in time to the 1983. Red Sea Crossing is a videogame produced for Atari 2600. It seems they created only 100 copies, each one with a colouring book. The videogame was forgotten until the 2007, when an old copy has been found in a market.

The 10 videogames that are most valuable
Red Sea Crossing

Since there the research to the 100 cartridges started, but only two of them have been found and no one of them had the book. Both of them were sold to bid. One for 8000 dollars and the other one for 13000 dollars.

Videogames that are the most valuable: Nintendo Campus Challenge

The story of the Nintendo Campus Challenge is really singular. We are in the 1991, Nintendo decided to produce these cartridges in occasion of a tournament, which topic was the one to visit the american university campus. The cartridges include three videogames: Super Mario 3, Dr. Mario and PinBot.

The most curious thing is that the producer said to destroy all the cartridegs at the end of the tournament. Anyway in the 2006 an ex-employee Nintendo found one of them, while he was setting up the box.

The only survival cartridge was sold for 12.974 dollars.

Nintendo World Championship 1990: Gold Edition

In the 1990 took place a videogames tournament organized by Nintendo in Los Angeles. In this occasion they created 26 special cartridges: the Nintendo World Championship 1990: Gold Edition.

The 10 videogames that are most valuable
Nintendo World Championship

Inside the cartridge there are three videogames: Super Mario Bros, Rad Racer and Tetris. Each one of these cartridges worths more than 20.000 dollars. A cartridge used during the tournament, instead, was sold for the incredible amount of 100.000 dollars.

Videogames that are most valuable: Air Raid

The peculiarity of this videogame is that it was the first one and the only one developed by MenAvision. Air Raid was realized for Atari 2600 and one says they created only 12 copies. By the way there are only two of them now.

One was sold for 13000 dollars, the other one for 32000 dollars.


Tetris is a very popular game and everyone knows it. Many of us have a cartridge of it at home. But so why is it in this list? Nintendo has the exclusive rights on this videogame, however there are 10 copies without license, that were spreaded around. One of them appeared and was tried to be sold for the crazy price of half million of dollars. No one bought it and no other copy never appeared.

Videogames that are the most valuable: Birthday Mania

Birthday Mania is a videogame of the ’80s for Atari 2600, it was realized with the purpose to be the “perfect birthday gift”. For this reason every cartridge was customizable with the name of the celebrated. A nice idea that didn’t have success, though, and, at the end, the cartridges produced were very few. Today they worth between the 20 and the 30000 dollars.

Gamma Attack

Let’s talk again about the console Atari 2600. Gamma Attack is a videogame that counts only a bunch of produced copies, but only one of them survived until today.

The 10 videogames that are most valuable
Gamma Attack

It worths 60.000 dollars, but it’s not for sale. It’s owned by the collector Anthony De Nardo.

Super Mario Bros 3

Lastly, the most valuable videogame is Super Mario Bros 3. But we aren’t talking about all the cartridges. The first sold, infact, had the word “Bros” alligned on the left, to cover the hand of Mario. Afterward the word was moved in the middle. This change makes the very first sold copies very rare.

But that’s not all. Infact, the ones that are the most valuable at all are the ones with the box intact and closed. At the moment to have the record is a closed copy of the 1990, sold for 156.000 dollars.

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