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Reset Earth, the videogame of the Onu for the environmental protection

Reset Earth

We need to focus all on the new generations, in order to have a future for humanity. To change we need awareness. But how to grow the awareness in the new generations? The Onu decided to do it through a videogame. It’s called Reset Earth and it’s useful to let the youth know the environmental problems of the planet.

One ozone. One planet. One chance.

It’s the year 2084. Knox, Sagan and Terran are the three protagonists of the videogame.

“Follow three teenagers as they race against time and travel through it to find a solution to the GROW – a disease that has spread across the world and cut life-expectancy to less than 30 years.

Reset Earth the videogame
A scene of Reset Earth, the videogame

Their journey takes them back in time where they find the cause of the disease, learn about the importance of the ozone layer and the impact of working together towards a common human cause.”.

That’s the incipit of the videogame and of the whole project, that is focused on an awareness campaign about the problem of the ozone hole. An awareness campaign aimed for the youth. And to arrive to them it’s used their language, in this case the videogames one.

What we have is “one ozone. One planet. One chance” to change the things.

Reset Earth: the project

Reset Earth isn’t only the name of the videogame, but of the whole project promoted by the Organization of the United Nations, to get the youth closer to the problem of the ozone hole.

Buco nell'ozono
The whole project is an awareness campaign about the problem of the ozone hole

The project was officially launched the last 24th of january, in occasion of the third edition of the international day of the Education.

Reset Earth is a complex project destined to last in time. At the moment of the launch it was released a short movie, called “Reset Earth: One Ozone, One Planet, One Chance”. The short movie is available on YouTube.

Since the 10th of february it’s available even the videogame mobile, which is downloadable on Android and iOS.

Reset Earth brings hope to the generation Z by showing them what was realized after that the world joined together in the 1985, with the Convention of Vienna, to face the crises of the ozone”.

Reset Earth: the videogame

Reset Earth is a videogame with a comic book graphic, in single player, thought for an audience of videoplayers between the age 10 and 15. It’s available for the download on the stores Android and iOS.

Reset Earth
A scene of Reset Earth, the videogame

Like we said before the videogame takes place in the 2084 and the protagonists are three guys that are trying to find a solution for the GROW, the disease that is spreading over the world.

The protagonist of the videogame takes over the weight of the whole world. And the travel that he will do during the videogame will be even emotional. By bringing, so, the guys to think about the current problems.

The protection of layer of ozone can’t be considered a problem of the past. It has to be a continuos effort by us and by the future generations”, explains Megumi Seki, engineer of the Secretary of the ozone of the Unep, the division of the Onu about the environmental programs.

If our sons will know the sad consequences of a ruined layer of ozone through a videogame, they will be conscious about its importance and they will protect it”.

The three protagonists outside the videogame

Like we said Reset Earth isn’t only a videogame. We can meet the three protagonists even outside it. The three teenagers, infact, are even the protagonists of the homonymous web serie and of the whole program of communication and awareness, promoted by the online platform.

Reset Earth protagonists
Knox, Sagan and Terran, the three protagonists of the videogame

With the program Reset Earth, promoted by the Onu, they want to grow the awareness in the youth that the world needs a change. And even to let their awareness grows about the difference that we can do joined for a common purpose.

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