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The best Android games of January

the best android games of january

If you are looking for a game to do on your smartphone Android while waiting for the doctor or during the coffee break at work, today we will suggest you the best Android games of January that we found on-line.

Android Games

Most of the Android games can be download for free from your Play Store. There are a lot of them between which choose so we thought to suggest you some of them to try if you love the games for smartphone.

Some of them can be played even on the pc. An experience that can catch you and to give beyond the usage of the Android games to have fun while waiting for the dentist.

Between the best ones of january there are the ones that require a data connection on the mobile phone, which isn’t always available, while others can be played even offline.

We prepared a list of Android games, the best ones of january according to the reviews on the Play Store. The idea is the one to suggest you 3 games between the massive quantity of games, some of one passed the 500 million of download.

Strategy games

It is a category of games where we have to make the right decisions for a great result at the end of the session. In these games, the strategy and the tactic are usually opposed by the luck.

i migliori giochi android di gennaio clash of clan
Between the best of january for Android there is the game Clash of Clan

In this case the first one of the list between the best ones of january is Clash Royale. You surely already heard about it, it isn’t a new game, but during the first month of the year it received a further boom of download.

It is on-line and we play with players from all over the world. A challenge between clans, with the most loved figures of the famous Clash, which first version dates back to the 2016. Princes, knights, dragon puppies and so on, that you have to knock down from the towers of the king to save the princesses in danger.

A game with an attractive graphic, that allows you to create your own personal clan to fight the opponents and to win the awards, the crowns and the glory of the arena.

Coin Master: the favourite game of Jennifer Lopez

It seems that even the Hollywood’s stars play with the smartphone. During the month of december 2020 and january 2021 you surely saw the famous advertising where J.Lo is in the supermarket playing with Coin Master and she challenges two people that are a bit forward in the fruit stand.

i migliori giochi android di gennaio coin master
Between the best of january for Android there is the game Coin Master, pubblicized even by Jennifer Lopez

Maybe seeing J.Lo attacking the village of two unknown people led this game Android arriving between the best ones of january in a very short time.

It is a very simple game, as much as to be pubblicized even for a target of casual gamers. We only have to collect the virtual coins to build a village and to attack the other players to steal their money.

To attack the other villages and to build our own, the users have to play with the slot machine and gain coins. We have a limited number of attempts each hour, even if is possible to buy more of them from the store of the game or by inviting the friends of Facebook to download the game.

The videogames world produces huge incomes

Even though it’s a game launched in the 2016 too, it started to gain its first results in the 2018 to then have its maximum the last may of the 2020 when it had an income of more than 60 million of dollars. To run on the positive route of these numbers it was realized an advertising campaign with many famous people.

Jennifer Lopez is only one of the many chosen to encourage the users to download Coin Master. Another famous fan is the model Emily Ratajkowski. From these advertisings it almost seems that Coin Master is a strategic or action game, in reality that’s wrong because it is a game focused on the slot machine. Even the idea to steal the money to the other users seems that you have to “find the strategy to do it”, in reality you need a very short time to do it, because even in this case it’s all left on chance of the “spin the wheel”.

Between the best ones of january there is even a puzzle game

We couldn’t not mention this category of Android games, which is mainly suggested to who is very patient and wants to develop his cognitive skills.

The one of the puzzle games is a perfect category, often suggested to the children, because they are the digital version of the table puzzles where we have to frame the pieces of small size until to get the original image.

i migliori giochi android di gennaio wood block 99
Between the best of january for Android there is the game Wood Block 99

Between the most famous Android games there are Bubble Witch Saga, which arrived to its third edition, and Candy Crush (currently the most downloaded one is the Jelly Saga). Between the best ones of january for this category there is Wood Block 99.

Play is easy: we have to select a block in in the area of the blocks on the bottom and we have to move it in the dashboard. We have to put the blocks so to fill the lines and the columns to eliminate them. At the same time, by filling the area 3×3 we can quickly eliminate the blocks.

The game stimulates the problem solving skills of the human brain by using the geometry. An interesting challenge for who wants to improve his intellectual skills. 

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