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Five videogames to learn to love the planet

Videogames to love the planet

To communicate with the youth we have to learn to talk like them. And what’s better than the videogames’ word? The teaching, the awareness and the knowledge, lately, they pass ever more through the videogames. The teaching of today is the love for the planet, because that’s the only way to give a future to humanity. We already saw Reset Earth, the videogame that helps the youth to be conscious of the problem of the ozone hole. Here you have other five videogames that learn us to love the planet, under all the points of view.

Videogames to learn to love the planet: Beyond Blue

Let’s start from Beyond Blue, a fascinating game that brings us in the depth of our oceans, to discover all of its secrets. But not only, the videogame will teach us even the importance to protect this deep world and to protect its incredible biodiversity.

Videogames to love the planet
Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue won’t be the most funny game, but it’s surely relaxing. We will wear the shoes of the marine biologist Mirai and we will swim between dolphines and whales, while we will get cuddled by the sea waves and by a relaxing music.

Meanwhile the game will tell us and it will explain us how and why we have to protect our sea and all the living beings inside it.

Smog City

Welcome to Smog City”. What’s that videogame shortly? It’s a managerial about the pollution, or better it’s a simulator of pollution, which learns us to love the planet.

In this game we will discover how the personal choices of the single people affect the pollution of the air. As well as all the other choices that we will have to take during the game.

In this managerial we will have to guarantee a low level of air pollution to our city, so to guarantee a happy and healthy life to our citizens.

Videogames to learn to love the planet: Green League

Let’s now talk about Green League, an application that collects three videogames to learn to love the planet.

The first videogame proposed is Oil Buster Reloaded, to understand how important it is the collection of the exhausted oil for the environment.

Videogames to love the planet
Green League

The second videogame is Snuck, which is inspired to the classic game Snake. Even here it talks about the exhausted oil. In this case we will wear the shoes of a collectors of the Conou and, while driving our vehicle, we will try to collect as much cans as possible.

Lastly, there is Garble, a videogame that learn us to love the planet by taking inspiration to the classic Tetris. Here it talks about the cyrcle economy and about to reuse daily usage objects: exhausted oil, batteries, aluminium, organic wastage, paper, plastic.

Climate Change

Let’s now talk about climate changes and Climate Change, the videogame that learns us to love the planet, starting by the problem of the century.

In this videogame we will have to study an action plan for the climate, to reduce the greenhouse gases emissions, in a certain time. And, to it, we will have to increase the alternative energetic sources and to reduce the energetic consumptions.

Change Game

Lastly, we talk about another game about the climate change, this time it’s completely made in Italy.

Build your city and manage the resources. Be careful! Higher the level of emissions that you and the other players will made will be, harder will be the challenges that you will have to face. Will your city survive?”.

Videogames to love the planet
Change Game

The game seems an old Sim City, but at the base of this managerial there are the waste disposal and the renewable energies.

All of these are videogames, but not only. They are the mirror of the reality and of the world where we live today. We look for a solution in the videogames to learn to act better in the reality too. Let’s learn to love the planet to survive and to have a better future.

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