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Focus Cat app: keep your focus

Are you tired to not being able keep your focus? Focus Cat app is what you need and today we will discover its potentialities.

Focus Cat app

If you are looking for a system to keep the focus during your video lessons, or even while you are organizing lesson session of pre exam, today we’ll show you a funny application.

focus cat application to keep the focus funny
To keep the focus in a funny way you should download Focus Cat app.

This app was born for the ones that are constantly distracted by the smartphone. What does it do? It helps to better manage your time, with the method of the tomato.

What’s the tomato method?

The Tomato method is a way to manage the time developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980. Its purpose is the one to focus ourselves on any kind of activity without get distracted.

With Focus Cat App this will be easier. You will be able to set up your smartphone so that in a certain period of time you will forget the smartphone.

The Tomato method was created to focus ourselves for time intervals of 25 minutes with 5 minutes of break all the times that the blocks of 25 finish.

The idea of this method is that you won’t be able to stop the studio until the end of the block. Every 4 tomatos you will be able to take a break for 5 minutes. In this way you will be more productive: after the long break at the end of the fourth tomato, you will be regenerated and you will be ready for a new session of study.

And if you could focus thanks to the cats?

Focus Cat app allows you to set and choose a time during which be focused. All the times that you set a timer, a cat will check your concentration duraing the time period.

If you get distracted and you close the application to check some notification for example, the cat will get scared and it will run away. If instead you will be able to focus on your duties and you won’t touch the smartphone during the period of time that you set, the cat will remain with you.

focus cat app productivity
Funny productivity, with Focus Cat app you can complete your sessions of study by collecting funny cats.

While you will go on you will collect the new cats (up to 2000 and with more combo of cats). Once collected many cats you will be able to put them inside a virtual house planned for them where all the times you will finish your sessions of study the family will get bigger.

But not only. Your cats will be always happy and healthy. If instead the sessions of study won’t finish, the health of your cats will get worst and they will leave the house.

Focus Cat app keeps track of your successes

With this application you will be able to keep track of your successes and you will be encouraged to keep the focus.

Thanks to the panel of the stats, you will see how the sessions are going and in the section CatBox you will be able to unlock shapes, models and colours of the cats.

A funny and useful application. A new way to usefully and creatively spend the time in front of the pc. It is an app created specifically for the students, but it can be used even by who is working in smart working.

Why should we download it?

Because it’s coloured and functional. There are many applications that help to keep the focus or that use the tomato method. Focus Cat app is different because it stimulates to create your collection of funny and coloured cats.

It attracts the youth, but even the adults, infact, in the last months it’s been downloaded by many users. But not all the reviews are positive, anyway, lately the developers are fixing the internal bugs that make the application crashing and they took off the advertising. These improvements make it a very competitive app, to download if you are users or if you work from home.

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