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Roblox, unleash your creativity


Roblox is a videogame released for many years. But its success was slow and silent. Many passed by, by believing it was a game for children. Until when it was listed on the stock exchange and they discovered it worth more than Ubisoft. Now no one thinks any more that it’s only a kids game.

The secret of its success is a coloured world where we are able to completely unleash our creativity, but even earn real money. Let’s discover together what it is.

The release of Roblox

Only today we often hear talking about Roblox, but this videogame is around for many years. One talked about it, in the niche environments, between closed groups of videoplayers.

Roblox was released in the 2004, but the arise toward the success was slow

Roblox was released in the 2004, like a game platform for pc. Its one was a slow, very slow, growth toward the success. But the wait worthed without any doubt.

In reality many already knew it. Yes because anyway it had its close group of loyal videoplayers. But as the years went by ever more people started to talk about it and someone started to wonder if, maybe, he should try it.

Besides the success, even its evolution was exponential. In the 2012 it was released the first version for iOS. While in the 2016 Roblox arrived on the Oculus Rift, with the VR version.

It isn’t exactly a game

But afterward Roblox isn’t exactly a game neither. The videogame one is only a little part of the packet offered by Roblox.

A platform to create, imagine and play

Wikipedia calles it a “Platform of imagination”. “Roblox allows the guys of all ages to imagine, create and play together in the immersive 3D worlds created by the users. All the games and the experiences on Roblox were made by the players themselves”.

We can try experiences and the games created on Roblox by the other players and we can be creators of contents too.

Start to create on Roblox

When we open the videogame for the first time we receive a special tools box  to start to build, called Roblox Studio.

Explore and play to the experiences created by others

But we don’t have to create and to build necessarely. We can spend many hours inside the game only by experimenting the experiences created by the others.

Our Roblox studio allows us to create games or digital interactive experiences, small worlds for few people or open to all.

Furthermore, if we subscribe as contents creator we can monetize our creations.

Monetize the experience on Roblox

The digital value used inside the videogame is the Robux, which can be bought with real value.


Inside the game we can create and sell everything: t-shirts, costumes, hats, clothes, jetpack, but even solutions to the riddles created by the users themselves as virtual experiences.

Anything can be sold to everyone wants to buy it. At the moment of the transiction the 80% goes to the developers of the videogame, but the remaining one remains to the content creator. It was like that that some players started to monetize their experience on Roblox.

All of it brings even the players to learn the basic of the coding, with the coding program Lua Script.

The way to success

At the end of all, we imagine a world, or a serie of worlds, very similar to second life, but it’s much simpler and coloured. Inside it there is everything. Stages for live concerts, prize competitions, whole worlds.

Its success arrived late. Probably because of its recent spreading was made by the content creator, that started to share their experiences and their creations on Twitch or Youtube.

But the arise didn’t end. Now Roblox is listed on the stock exchange and it worths more than Ubisoft, but in reality the Roblox Corporation wasn’t able to close a single year in positive yet. We will see if the so waited success will be finally decreed.

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