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Pikmin, the Nintendo classic makes the news again


A spacecraft crashes on a mysterious planet, full of terrible creatures and little aliens ready to help us. The coloured and funny explorative videogame was released, for the first time, for Nintendo GameCube, in the 2002. We are talking about Pikmin, a Nintendo classic that makes the news again.

The Pikmin saga: the first videogame

It was the 2002 and here you have the first Pikmin, which is almost unfindable today. In the videogame we wear the shoes of the space captain Olimar, crashed on an unknown planet with his spaceship.

An alien planet, strange local creatures and terrible enemies, a coloured adventure

The planet is clearly the Earth, in a post-apocalyptic version. And what we can notice since the very beginning is that Olimar is very thiny. The terrible enemies that he must face with are snails, ten times bigger than him, and other strange animals.

To come back home the commander Olimar will have to find all the pieces of his precious spaceship, the Dolphin, which are spreaded on the planet.

Fortunatelly to help him there are some strange local creatures, the Pikmin, that with a cooperative strategy can do everything. So the days pass while looking for the pieces, but be careful, because everyone must be put in safe before the night.

The other videogames of the saga

In the 2004 arrives the sequel, Pikmin 2. Olimar came back on his birth planet Hocotate and everything seems perfect. But the company for which he works is on the breadline, as much as that the president was forced to sale the such loved Dolphin.

Pikmin and Brittany
The Pikmins will always follow and help us, even at the cost of their life

The president, so, sends back on the Earth Olimar, to look for treasures, together with his new helper Louie. The adventure so re-started as we learnt in the first chapter, punctuated by the rise and the down of the sun.

Only when all the treasures will be found them two will be able to come back on Hocotate. The treasures are the “garbage” of the ancient civilty that lived on the planet, the human beings: caps, food, toys and any kind of wreks.

In the 2009 the videogame was arranged for the Wii U, with the title New Play Control! Pikmin. In the 2013 the third chapter of the saga arrived, again for the Wii U. The environment was the same one as well as the gameplay. The protagonists though were changed. This time we will wear the shoes of the space explorators Alph, Charlie and Brittany, from the planet Koppai.

Hey! Pikmin
Hey! Pikmin, the spin off for 3DS released in the 2017

They arrived on the planet looking for food, because on Koppai there is a serious famine. In this chapter we will have fun to discover all that weird names that they give to the terrestrial fruits.

Lastely, in the 2017 it was released the spin-off for Nintendo 3DS, Hey! Pikmin.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe

In reality the spin off wasn’t the last title of the saga. While all the fans were waiting for the four chapter for eight years, it was released the third chapter of the saga, re-adapted for the Nintendo Switch.

Pikmin 3 - Deluxe
Pikmin 3 – Deluxe

The third chapter was, probably, the most beautiful one. The game reached the needed maturity for a higher quality. And it was right this title that remained in the hearts of all the videogamers that tried and loved it.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe was released the 30th of october of the 2020 and it brought back all the beauty of the drawnings of Miyamoto, the sweet of the figures, the amazing landscapes and the pleasure of the game.

The story is the same one of the original, but now there is the multiplayer mode, so we will be able to live the whole adventure in two. There will be even some extras, like the story of the Captain Olimar and Louie, crashed on the Earth one more time.

Pikmin 4

Pikmin 3 was a small timeless jewel, but with Pikmin 3 Deluxe the hope for sequel came back. That hope that was fading, after years of waiting. The hope is that this Deluxe version was only a prelude for the new chapter that will soon arrive.

The hope to come back to wear the shoes of our space explorator is harder than ever after the release of Pikmin 3 Deluxe

It’s been years that from Nintendo arrive rumors of an ongoing production, but still nothing. Is this the one?

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