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Portable farm: Harvest Moon One World

The last 5th of march the lovers of the multiplayer role playing game came back to play with the portable farm of Harvest Moon: One World. Let’s see together what has changed.

Portable farm: a game guarantee

Who is of the sector of only who loves the videogames surely knows Harvest Moon: One World. It is the 2021 version of a famous multiplayer role playing game which reference franchising is an game expert where they talk about the “life in the field”.

portable farm game news
Harvest Moon: One World is new because it has new figures.

The new chapter of the saga was published in Europe in exclusive on Nintendo Switch. It introduced a new functioning never saw before, which is able to revolutionize the serie itself.

We are talking about the possibility to literally bring in your pocket your own piece of land and all the accessories. A real portable farm.

Harvest Moon: One World and its news

This game allows to who practices it to move his own farm on the game map.

This is an absolute new, even because before it the farmer (or breeder, because in this title the jobs can be overlapping) chosen his own piece of field, or the ones that one assigned to him, and the same remained forever. It could be changed, alternated with other pieces of lands or moved, but never carried with the farmer.

With the new version of Harvest Moon: One World it’s born the portable farm on videogames.

The player won’t be able since the beginning to pack all of his farm and bring it with him. But while the game will go on all the environment created, included the fields and the animals, can go around the game map with the player.

The convenience of the operation is that won’t have any more the problem to remain always in the same place, or to “worst choose” the wished position for our house. Infact, the whole game map was thought by the developers for the constant movements of the fields.

Portable farm: so many possibilities

This world where the portable farm becomes the protagonist is divided in 5 regions characterized by many biomes. 

There is the classic rural area, which was available even in the previous serie, which is Calisson, sided by a tropical heaven on the sea called Halo Halo.

portable farm rural scenario
The scenarios of Harvest Moon: One World are 5. The first and more used one is the rural one.

If you love desertic areas you might decide to play on Pastilla, or to the side of an inactive volcano, called Lebkuchen.

Lastely, if you love the mountain and the snow, you must choose the scenario of Salmiakki.

You might bring with you your farm, by moving it from a scenario to another. This will help your game skills and will adapt the farm all the times the reached a different biomes.

The interesting element of the game is right the fact that the farm will adapt itself to the new lands, by presenting new possibilities of grow and changing the new methods and the enw animals to breed.

An example? The seeds won’t always give the same plants, which will allow you to create the element vareity even in the management of the animals.

A robot as a friend

Between the other aspects of the portable farm of Harvest Moon: One World to deepen there is the presence of a handyman robot that helps you all the time that you select a field to move to the other part of the world.

portable farm a robot as a friend
Between the game new, a handyman robot. Your useful friend to move your portable farm.

You won’t have it immediatelly. The game will unlock your robot friend forward in the building of your portable farm, according to the needs of movement inside the many scenarios.

Surely even this new element of game will help the mechanic of movement of the land which is the absolute new of Harvest Moon: One World.

If you are curious to know if there is an “arrival point” for your farm, you just have to download the game and try it.

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