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Amazon Luna: the new platform of gaming

Amazon Luna

Good news for the videogames lovers, it’s arriving Amazon Luna: the new service of game streaming that tries to earn its slice of marketplace between Apple Arcade, Google Stadia, PlayStation Now and Microsfot xCloud.

Amazon Luna

The world of the gaming changed, if before the passionated physically bought the title to which they wanted to play, now they don’t do it anymore. The last trends proposes monthly subscriptions that gave access to many titles, which sometimes can be played even offline. And between the veterans and the last arrived (like Apple Arcade and Google Stadia) there is even Amazon that, after Amazon Prime Video (dedicated to the streaming of movies and TV series), proposes Amazon Luna.

Even in this case we talk about a platform in cloud with a subscription contract. To access to Amazon Luna we can use computers, smartphones and even the Fire TV. It remembers the already mentioned services for many aspects, but there is a difference.

Amazon launches itself on the marketplace of the game streaming with its own platform. 

Amazon Luna allows to subscribe to many channels, instead to have only one catalogue like the ones of Microsfot xCloud or PlayStation. We can’t buy then a single game, like it happens instead with Google Stadia, but a packet of games chosen in subscription. 

At the moment this new service is available only in the United States of America (even if it didn’t arrive in Alaska, Hawaii  and some external USA territories yet) for a close group of tester players. To know when it will be officially launched and, even us, like the rest of Europe and of the World, we will be able to try this new service is too early. 

How will this new service work

Amazon Luna will allow to subscribe to the single channels, each of them will have its own characteristics and prices. At the moment only two channels were announced:

  • luna+: which has a cost of 5,99 dollars per month, timeless hours of game, hundred available games, the possibility to play with two different devices at the same moment. Up to 1080p/60fps (4K on coming).
  • Ubisoft+: the price here is still undefined, but there will be timeless hours of game too, the access to a selected list of games of the Ultimate Edition with DCL (at the moment there are only four confirmed but they can increase). Up to 1080p/60fps (4K on coming).

To use Amazon Luna we need a minimum connection of 10 Mbps, but for great performances we need at least 35 of Mbps. Amazon says that for a hour of unstopped game we arrive to use up to 10 GB, be carefull so if you are thinking to use it from the smartphone, let’s connect it to the home Wi-Fi! About it, for the Wi-Fi we must have at least 2.4 GHz, but for have the top it’s better a connection Wi-Fi with 5 GHz.

amazon luna
Amazon Luna will even have an official controller

Like we said Amazon Luna can be used on Pc (with Windows 10 and support DirectX 11), Mac (OSX 10.13+), Fire TV, from browser Chrome for PC and Safari for Mac, iPhone and iPad. At the moment it isn’t supported the system Android yet, but it might arrive soon. 

About the compatible controllers, we will be able to play with the Xbox One, DualShock 4 of PS4, or with mouse and keyboard. But it will even arrive the official controller Luna. It will connect straight to the server Amazon, it will have a latency of 17-30 milliseconds in less compared with the other controllers, it will support the vocal commands of Alexa and it will allow to pass from a screen to another easily. The cost of the Controller Luna will be 49.99 dollars.

About the games on the channel Luna+ we will find CrossCode, Furi, Hard Reset Redux, The Earth Pillars, Resident Evil 7, Sonic Mania. While for the channel Ubisoft there will be: Assassin’s Creed, Valhalla, Immortal Fenyx Rising, Far Cry 6, Watch Dogs Legion.

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