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November 2020

Car chargers: the best of the year

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for this 2020 we would like to suggest you to give to your friends and relatives a car charger for the smartphone. Why? Because it is useful and easy. A solution to never remain without…

Zeus, the generator of clean electricity

Escape from the city chaos and jump into the nature. For some days, for a week or even more. Pull only the plug or choose to live alternativelly. But always do it with all the comforts of the modern age. It's possible thanks to a camper or…

The escape rooms come to your house

The escape rooms became very popular in the last years. It is a live game very interactive and emotional. But with the pandemic these game “rooms” had to close. And so they had to re-invent themselves, like everyone else, and the escape…

Workout at home with Nintendo

In this article we will see how to work out at home by using the Nintendo consoles Wii and Switch that give many possibilities to stay in shape by working out in front of our home television.