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Apple Arcade: the new game’s platform

Apple Arcade

A new challenge for the Cupertino’s company, it was born Apple Arcade, a new game’s platform with subscription. The platform proposes now 59 titles (that will soon arrive to be about a hundred) all playable with only 4,99 euros per month, with a free month trial. The games are downloadable on the iOS and macOS devices and they are all exclusive for this service, which means they won’t be purchasable individually. Therefore many will be available only for the platform Apple.

How is the Apple Arcade

The idea of the Cupertino’s company is the one to have a service that detaches itself from the hardware and it’s focusing on many devices, by offering a huge catalogue and a small price. The project remembers Google Stadia even if it’s been developed completely different.

The titles are surely interesting, even because they aren’t like the tipical mechanic of the free to play, which is mead of energy, Loot Box and so on, therefore there isn’t advertising or the need to do further purchases on the app. This allows the developers to be freer and more audacious, by developing titles that have less limits, to really entertain the user with experiences always new.

Apple Arcade
Apple Arcade is available on all the devices of the Apple

A peculiarity, linked to the fact that it’s a free to play too, it’s the possibility to play offline, infact many titles don’t need a continuos connection. It will be so possible to play with Apple Arcade in the train, the airplane, the ship without problems.

Apple decided to integrate the platform inside the App store, this maybe to give the possibility to everyone to prompty have the access to the titles’ list, by focusing even on those users that usually don’t play. The weakness of this choice though is the limited possibility to properly organize the games’ collection. Problem limited for the moment, but with the expansion of the catalogue it will start to be too much limiting, especially in the research.

The multi-device

A strong suit though is surely the possibility to play on every device, by passing from the MackBook Pro, to the Apple TV or the iPad. Infact it’s enough the access to the Apple store to go on with our saved game. The possibility to jump from one devive to another though, obviusly, means that the control’s methods of the game will be really different. On iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch we will use the touch screen, while on the Mac we will use the keyboard, the mouse and the trakpad, finally, on the Apple TV we will have to use the TV Remote. Many games here can be even used with an external controller like the DualShock 4 of the PlayStation 4 and the controller Xbox One (only if there is the bluetooth connection).

Some of the titles already available on the store

Let’s see so some titles available on the catalogue. Let’s start from Overland, which remembers a tv serie, it’s settled in a post apocalyptic environment. A mix between puzzle game and adventure, with a really involving story and a lot of fightings. For who is passionated of sport instead there will be Skate City, with a really intriguing graphic and a large possibility of game. Therefore even the music is really well made.

A presentation of the characters of Overland that you will find in Apple Arcade

Shinsekai Into the Depths instead is a fantasy travel in a world settled in a future ruled by the ice, the humans live under the water. A fight for the life so in this submarine experience with a really well made graphic. Instead a title dedicated to the child, but not only, is Lego Brawls. A battle royale where it’s possible to create figures with unique powers, which is perfect from age 9 and up.

But in the catalogue we find even Sonic Racing, the creators announces a graphic and a gameplay fully renewed. Or Sayonara Wild Hearts where we will see a group of women bikers that run to the rythm of music enlightened with neon lights, an experience that will let you enter in a videoclip.

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