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Andy Jassy will be the new CEO of Amazon

Andy Jassy is the new CEO of Amazon

Jeff Bezos decided to take a break from his biggest creation: Amazon. He so leaves the direction and on his place will succeed his closest co-worker. Who is Andy Jassy, the new CEO of Amazon?

The decision to leave the direction of Amazon

Jeff Bezos is known all over the world. He was the richest man of the world for many years, and still today, after being outsted at the beginning of the 2021, is moving between the first and second position.

Jeff Bezos Amazon
Jeff Bezos leaves the direction of Amazon

His success comes, without any doubt, from Amazon, the king of the e-commerce, that outclassed the competitors and that became a reference point for the whole world.

Jeff Bezos loves his creature, but it arrived the moment to do a step back. This is in reality a step that every bussinesman has to do soon or later, when one arrives to these levels. This doesn’t mean that there is something wrong. This means that Amazon is mature enough to walk by its own. It doesn’t need father Jeff anymore.

Jeff Bezos leaves the position of CEO, because he wants to focus on other projects, but he remains the Executive President and this means that he will be anyway involved in the most important decisions.

We introduce you Andy Jassy, the new CEO of Amazon

Who is Andy Jassy? Andy Jassy started to work in Amazon in the 1997 and since the 2000 he is the assistant of Bezos. Jassy todays is 53 years old and he is known as the man of the Cloud Computing

Andy Jassy
Andy Jassy

The most profitable creation of Amazon, infact, is his. Only in the last year the sector managed by the assistant of Bezos, now new CEO, made more than half of the incomes of the whole company.

Andy Jassy sided Jeff Bezos since the beginning. Together they transformed the first digital library of the world in the colossus of the e-commerce which rules the marketplace by its own. And now he is ready to inherit the empire.

The Cloud of Andy Jassy

The cloud of Amazon, the Amazon Web Services, or AWS, were the first service of cloud computing of the world. Bezos and Jassy put their souls and bodies in their cloud, a revolution of the digital world.

Cloud Computing
Andy Jassy is the father of the Cloud Computing

It was right Andy Jassy to explain the AWS back then: “Everyone inside his garage or in the dorm might have access to the same structure of cost, scalability and infrastructure of the biggest companies of the world”.

In the 2006 the service was launched. Today it’s the largest service of cloud computing of the world, with the 34% of the marketplace. At the second place there is the cloud of Microsoft, with the 20%.

What happened after the announce of Bezos

Andy Jassy seems, so, to be the right person to take over the place of Jeff Bezos. And he is very sure about it and he gives all of his trust to the colleague and friend. But what did happen after the announce of Bezos?

Nothing, to be honest. In few months there will be the change of direction in Amazon, however the stock exchanges didn’t suffered about it.

According to the marketplace, so, Amazon will be the same one. However, like we said before, the creature is ready to walk by its own. It’s the last purpose of a businessman. Being able to leave the company knowning that it can survive and thrive without him.

Who will take the decisions

Very soon the structure of Amazon will see Andy Jassy as the CEO and Jeff Bezos as the Executive President. This means that he will cover anyway a decisional part in the company.

Right the king of the e-commerce, infact, always worked by dividing the decisions in two categories. On a side there are the decisions “one way door”, the decisions from which it’s very hard to come back. Like the one to leave the position of CEO, for example.

And the decisions “two way door”. From those decisions it’s possible to come back.

Bezos leaves the direction and he doesn’t want to know nothing more about the “two way door” decisions. By the way, being him the Executive President, he will be called to decide about all the decisions of the category “one way door”.

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