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Astro’s Playroom and the DualSense for PS5

Astro's Playroom the game for the new DualSense

A new concept of controller, a new way to play, PlayStation presents DualSense. An hi-tech look that hides a technology able to create feelings at 360°. But let’s find out in detail this new controller but especially Astro’s Playroom the game created by PlayStation to work out to use the new DualSense.

DualSense the new controller of Playstation

DualSense has the shape of a normal controller, but inside it we find an incredible innovative technology. There are infact the Impulse Trigger (already saw in the controller of Xbox One, but even on the Nintendo Switch with the name Rumble Hd). In this way the vibration becomes part of the game, a feedback that completes the movement. But DualSense doesn’t only copy the others’ ideas, infact it can even emits sounds and voices but especially it can listen and receive vocal commands.

Astro's playroom
In the game of training Astro’s Playroom you will face four different worlds between rain, sand, ice and wind.

The new controller is planned to have a real immersive experience, to fully live every game, thanks to the haptic feedback. Therefore with Astro’s Playroom you can try the quick loading and the adaptive triggers, which are possible to set on the different strong and tension levels to interact according to our liking with the game environments. Pull a rope or promptly brake will be ever more precise and controlled. Right thanks to the adaptive triggers that, combined with the movement sensors and the touch pad, will give us the possibility to face every challenge in an innovative and completely new way. 

Even the audio emitted was planned and studied in details, it was infact born the Tempest 3D AudioTech a very 3D sound which is able to surround the player. But don’t worry, if you are used to use the PlayStation with the earphones, to not disturb no one, you can enojoy the Tempest 3D AudioTech even with the compatible earphones.

Training with Astro’s Playroom

To train ourselves to better use the new controller, Playstation realized a real gym: Astro’s Playroom. Which was created, therefore, by the same team that previously realized VR Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. But don’t expect a bland game about how to use it, Astro’s Playroom is a real platform game, funny and very coloured. As much as that it remembers the adventures of Super Mario.

Astro's playroom
You will experiment the wind, the rain, the sand, the different environments will give you back different sound and tactile feedbacks, a funny experience even for the kids

But let’s talk about Astro’s Playroom: you will wear the shoes of a small robot that will have to explore four worlds. Each world allows to find out an action of the new controller of the consolle PlayStation 5. Inside it then there are hidden many clues about the history of Playstation, finding them enlarge the game perspectives. Infact every object of the past that we found will be collected in the PlayStation Labo. But be careful, it isn’t only a jump into the past like a virtual museum, it will be a real sensory experience. You will face the wind, you will walk under the rain, you will climb rocky and sandy lands, you will jump into the water and every scenario will donate you a different experience. 

Next to the tactile fellings there are then even the sounds, the noises, squeaks, a serie of funny and joyful soundy feedbacks. Every action, both if it is a step, a jump or a killed enemy, will give you back a feedback thanks to the technology put in the controller.

This gym so ends to not only be a training place, but a real funny, attractive experience, especially perfect for the whole family.

Had you already buy the new PlayStation 5 and the controller but you don’t find Astro’s Playroom? No worries, it will be enough to upgrade the software of the system by connecting to internet to see it appearing for free and start to play.

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