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What’s Amazon Build it

Amazon Build it

Amazon launches Build it, where the product is made only if one likes it. A system of pre-orders very similar to the system of crowfunding of many platforms. The product is made only if the users are interested in it, otherwise the project is stopped and the product will be never realized.

How does Amazon Build it work

In the middle of all Amazon does there is the customer”, that’s what the press relesed that announced the arrival of Amazon Build it said. And right on this concept is based the platform since its birth. Build it uses the system of the pre-orders to heard the opinion of the customers about new products and with their feedback realize together the most loved ones.

Amazon Build it
Amazon Build it

A program planned to present the products that we love and to which we want to receive your first feedback”. Amazon will, so, use the system of the crowfunding to realize the most loved products by the same company and by its lover customers.

The products proposed on Amazon Build it will only be branded Amazon and they will be periodically proposed on the platform. The products have a minimum number of pre-orders that they will have to reach in a month.

Smart Nutrition Scale
Smart Nutrition Scale, the smart scale which is available on Amazon Build it

If and when the product will reach the minimum number of pre-orders Amazon will start to produce it and to deliver it to the customers that pre-ordered it. Otherwise, at the end of the month, the product will be stored away.

Anyway, the difference with the normal platforms of crowfunding is substantial. With Amazon Build it, infact, the customers pre-order the wished product, but the payment will occur only when it will be delivered and, so, only if the project will have a good ending. Otherwise they won’t pay nothing.

The products already available on Amazon Build it

Currently there are already the first three products on the section dedicated to Amazon Build it of the website, with the deadline for the 19th of march. They are three products that work with the vocal assistant of Amazon: Alexa.

They are Smart Nutrition Scale, a smart scale, connected with Alexa. Through Alexa we won’t only know the weight of the food, but even the calories, the nutrinional values and the allergens.

Smart Nutrition Scale
Smart Nutrition Scale, the smart scale which is available on Amazon Build it

Furthermore, Alexa will remember us which are the most used foods. The product is compatible even with the Echo Show and it is available in pre-order for a price 34,99 dollars.

There is then Smart Sticky Note, the printer that can be connected with Alexa. This smart printer doesn’t need ink or cartridges, because it uses the heat technology for sticky paper notes. It prints a kind of post-it and it does it through the vocal commands of Alexa. We can so easily realize shopping lists, to do lists and memo. The Smart Sticky Note is available for a price of 89,99 dollars.

Cuckoo clock
The cuckoo clock compatible with Alexa

Lastly, there is a funny cuckoo clock for the wall, which is available for a price of 79,99 dollars. With Alexa it’s possible to set the timer and the alarm clock, but even to enable the audio in a certain hour.

A not risky project

As Jeff Bezos claims the project has a low risk, but big benifits. We don’t have to be afraid of failures, the failures are useful. Bezos himself failed in many projects. Between the biggest ones there is Amazon Tap, a portable Amazon Echo, which was withdrawn from the marketplace in the 2018. And Fire Phone, a tablet Fire shaped as a phone. A project that Bezos really loved, but that it was withdrawn after few months.

If Amazon Build it existed back in time, these project, maybe, were never born. And how many money should be saved?

So, Amazon Build it is a safe place where to invest, for both parties. Few risks for the producers (even if in this case and for the moment, there are only products branded Amazon) and very few risks for the buyers.

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