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Instagram celebrates 10 years

Instagram celebrates 10 years

Every anniversary remembers us how the time goes on inevitable and quick. It makes us think what we did back in time in that moment, in that period, in that year. If you want to fell a bit “older” let’s think that Facebook, that you probably joined when you were already young adult and conscious of you actions, was founded in the 2004. And even more staggering is Instagram, the social of the “youngers”, at least it was like this few years ago, when the “youngers” gave up with Facebook which was full of “elderly” to find a new place. Now the “very young” leave the current “old” (the ones that once were the “young”) for the new socials. But what did you do when Instagram was borning, 10 years ago?

10 years of Instagram

It’s an important anniversary the one of Instagram of this year, the first one with two numbers. It’s been 10 years since when Instagram was launched for the first time on the web. Since there it has come a long way.

During the years the social network became one of the most popular of the world, as much as to be incorporated into the big family of Facebook.

Instagram celebrates 10 years
Instagram celebrates 10 years

Instagram changed the way to communicate, by revolutionizing (or bringing back to life old timers) the world of the social. Can we “socialize” only through the pictures? Many things changed since when the icone of an old polaroid Instagram made its way in a hard and ruteless world as the one of the socials. Here you have what changed during the 10 years of its life.

Small story of one of the most famous social network of the world

Instagram was born in the 2010, precisely the 6th of october, and, at the beginning, it was launched only as an application for iPhone. Its creators are Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, that with filters, stories and the unforgettable icone that remembers a Polaroid soon conquered the youngest ones.

Instagram celebrates 10 years
The 6th of october of the 2010 Instagram was launched

The downloads, infact, started to sharply increase already after few weeks. Since the 2012 the app is available even for the devices Android and since the 2013 for Windows Phone.

In the 2012 Facebook bought Instagram for 1 billion of dollars, a derisory amount, considering that today its value is 100 billion of dollars.

In the 2015 Instagram revolutionized even some of its gaps. It was reviewed the viewing format of the pictures (which was at the beginning thought only for the iPhone) and it was added the service of messaging. 

Since there Instagram continued to add functions and to try to improve itself, by fighting every rival, like Snapchat or TikTok.

How did Instagram change in 10 years

We saw that in 10 years Instagram fully revolutionized its functions, by passing from a simple app of picture sharing to a complete social network. Event thanks to the acquisition by Facebook, infact, today we have a lot of filters and countless functions. Direct messaging, verified profiles, e-commerce, advertising, video, tv, the enthralling stories.

How did Instagram changed in the time
Since the first unforgettable icone to the most minimalist of today

The success of the social network was such overwhelming to gave life to a new job: the influencer. But with the time here you have arrived even the first problems, like the cyberbulling, the racism, the fake news, the haters.

All that glitters is not gold, but Instagram always tried to protect its users against these enemies. For example, by taking out the external counting of the likes. Too many lifes of the very young are ruled by a liking or a like on the social.

The last news

Right for the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Instagram released other three news. The first one wants to fight the haters, the cyberbulling and all that unpleasant events of hate and racism without reason that every day happen on all the social networks. If the comment is nasty or violent a pop-up notice opens, which encourages the user to “re-think” about it. But to be sure that the bad users understand the lesson, it will give an ultimatum to them. worth the elimination of the account.

It then comes back the function of the map, to show where the pictures were shoted. But it will be visible only by the user and not by all. He will decide if show or not the map even to his followers.

Finally, Instagram launches, in the occasion of its birthday, the shopping on Igtv.

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