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Famous female bloggers and Instagrammers – who they are and where you can follow them

Famous Bloggers and Instagrammers, Enkey's top list

What they have in common is that they’re all women. They are highly successful female Bloggers and Instagrammers who conquered the Web, one like and one follower at a time.

Since blogs and Social platoforms like Instagram became popular, new accounts are being created by the moment. It’s not easy to stand out, but these fantastic women accomplished.

Post by post, they were able to claim their place in the vast sea of Internet. But who are the most interesting Italian Bloggers and Instagrammers and where we can follow them?

Enkey has selected, in totally random order, a listof Bloggers and Instagrammers that you  can’t miss!

Francesca Marongiu, All-Girl blogger and Instagrammer 1️⃣5️⃣


Francesca Marongiu is the blogger behind the website LaFrack, entirely devoted to women. Famous women who left their mark in history, politicians, popstars and movie actresses.

But there’s also news report casting light on the many problems that women all overthe world must face daily. And then recipes, fashion, health, books.

LaFrack is at one time a personal blog that follows Francesca in her everyday life, and a compelling web magazine for girls and women.

An absolute must-see that will surely cover your own interests.

Website: https://www.lafrack.com/

IG Profile: @la_frack

Alessia Foglia, the Instagram veteran 1️⃣4️⃣


One of the most followed Bloggers and Instagrammer is Alessia Foglia, an Instagram veteran and old-timer who runs a Webzine dedicated to fashion, lifestyle, travels and all the latest trends.

All-Girl trends, it goes without saying!

There are also articles about maternity with advices, gift ideas, travel guides and know-how guidelines.

And you’ll even find a section about men for true modern-day bachelors that can make a woman swoon.

Website: https://www.alessiafoglia.com/

IG Profile: @alessiafoglia_official

Sabrina Diana, a strong willed lady amidst home decor and travels 1️⃣3️⃣


Sabrina is a graphic designer blogger and Instagrammer. She has many interests which are carried over her profile – and of course, her site.

A site which is first and foremost an anthem to her strong will and love for life. Silvia bravely fought against a devastating illness for several years. Her battles are poignantly described in the “Life is a book” page – chronicling the most important moments of her life.

Devuccia, however, is not just a personal blog.Many subjects are touched upon – from artcraft and travels to books, music and fashion.

Website: https://www.devuccia.it/

IG Profile: @devuccia

Claudia Mancuso, the blog (and IG Profile) where creativity’s at 1️⃣2️⃣


Fattoconilcuore is Claudia Mancuso‘s website. And the artworks displayed are indeed “made with all her heart”.

A talented full-time designer, Claudia creates web graphic and artworks, brand-new wallpapers, desktop backgrounds, personalized  greeting cards, smartphone covers and much more besides.

Her creativity also involves a deep love for photography. And as could be expected from such a talented artist, her Instagram profile is colorful and full of life.


IG Profile: @fattoconilcuore

Elisa Bianchetti, a rainbow of talent and creativity 1️⃣1️⃣


When we say rainbow we don’t mean the Celentano song, but rather the symbol chosen by Elisa Bianchetti to better describe her artcraft website.

From bijoux to party favors, all her creations combine the highest quality with unique and intricately detailed designs.

There’s a section dedicated to teething rings, and a wide array of felt creations that will make you want to buy one (or more) right away. Each page breathes creativity.


Profilo IG: @_ilmioarcobaleno_

Micaela Miletta Cossa, a blogger’s writerly dreams between Paris and Genoa 1️⃣0️⃣


Micaela Miletta Cossa‘s blog, Impastastorie, is at one time dreaming and “bohémiene”. This blogger is a restless – or as she herself has it, compulsive – writer.

Yet her personal website is far more than a spolight for her novels and stories. Genoa-born Micaela takes us on an eclusive tour of the town that stole her heart – that’s right, Paris.

Travels, emotions and the secrets of a timeless town that is explored through its food, fashion and home decor.

If you are dreamers in love with the unique French atmospheres, you’re gonna dig this website.

Website: https://www.impastastorie.it

IG Profile: @impastastorie

Jessica Stefanini, blogger mum and athlete 9️⃣


Jessica Stefanini’s blog is devoted to mums who don’t want to neglect their health and wellfare. Having a family and children does not bar you from performing sporting activities.

Don’t you believe it?

Well Jessica is bringing online her very own example, as a personal trainer and bikini athlete who also happens to be a versatile, no-nonsense mum.

Her blog offers fitness exercises, healthy recipes for a well balanced diet, tips and advices about children, and her great passion – travels.


IG Profile: @jessica_stefanini

Valentina Tartarini, the colorful world of a blogger mum 8️⃣


The website of blogger and Instagrammer Valentina Tartarini is all about mothers and family.

You’ll also find “granny’s recipes” – so genuine and traditional in their original flavors – turning even meals, and cooking, into a shared experience of joy.

And then dream travels with the most sought after locations for families with children, as well as kids fashion trends.


IG Profile: @mammapuntoacapo

Daniela De Pasquale and her virtual hub for Sardinian mums 7️⃣


Daniela De Pasquale had a unique and original idea with her blog. Because let’s be honest, there’s many generic sites out there about maternity, mothers and child-raising. But Mammamarketing goes one extra mile in that it focuses so strongly on the “here and now” of Sardinia.

The site is a true hub for Sardinian families where you can find places to visits and sighthings, events, online info and resources.

One of the most interesting features is the shopping area where you can find discounts, promos and free coupons for your children.


IG Profile: @mammamarketing

Marica Ferrillo, a life told in pictures 6️⃣


Marica Ferrillo is a versatile blogger and Instagrammer who has set out to capture on her blog the most important moments of her life.

But her website is more than just a journal, ranging from fashion to wedding tips (for wannabe brides dreaming a fantasting wedding day) from travels (for couples and families) to healthy and delicious family recipes.

With the contributions of nutrition and makeup experts, your looks (and meals) will always be a hit.

Indirizzo Web:https://www.maricaferrillo.com

Profilo IG: @maricaferrillo

Martina Palma ci insegna a essere trendy 5️⃣


Martina Palma is a web influencerand content creator whose greatest interests are fashion and travels.

These are also the subjects touched upon her blog. On the site you’ll find a wide selection of breath-taking photos from the most beautiful places visited by Martina, as well as home decor, fabulous outfits, beauty and makeup tips, and healthy recipes for glorious snacks.

There’s also a section devoted to editing and content creations, where Martina unveils her secrets as a graphic and designer. You can’t miss out this blog!

Website: https://www.martiipal.com/

IG Profile: @martiipal

Annamaria Romeo is SamaraDocet, the ultimate site for travels – and Japan – lovers 4️⃣


With its “zen” graphic,  Annamaria Romeo’s SamaraDocet is a blog about travels, lifestyle and especially the Japanese culture and traditions, ranging from books and movies to fashion and – of course – sushi.

Yet SamaraDocet is also heavily influenced by Milan, where Annamaria’s adventure first began.

Fashion, events, home design, sighthings and special places to visit – SamaraDocet has it all and much more besides.


IG Profile: @samaradocet

Sara Quaglia, an Italian Instagrammer touring (and living) London 3️⃣


Instagrammer Sara Quaglia‘s website is called Sara and Catherine’s Tales, devoted entirely to the town in which Sara moved when she was 29, crowning a lifetime’s dream.

A daily journal of all the many wonders that London offers, in the words of a modern day blogger and mum in love with lifestyle, fashion and beauty.

She also offers advices for aspiring bloggers – and if you’re a shop-a-holic you’ll surely dig the shopping area.

But the most amazing thing about Sara’s site are by far the photos. Have a look at her blog and Instagram profile – you’re in for a treat.


IG Profile: @saraandcatherinestales

Veronica D’Onofrio, a blogger’s world of travels, fashion and lifestyle 2️⃣


Veryblond is Veronica D’Onofrio’s very own blog. A young creative who loves fashion, travels and photographs, she’s working with such notorious brands as Glamour Italia, OVS, L’Oreal and Stroili.

On her website you’ll find the photos of the most beautiful and iconic places she’s visited, as well as pills of real life, her fantastic outfits, beauty and skincare products reviews, makeup tips and many spectacular events.

If you’re a fanciful dreamer, this site is your next stop. Enjoy!

Website: https://www.veryblond.com/

IG Profile: @veryblond

Soraida Noris and Womoms, the online network for social mums 1️⃣


Womoms are Net-savy women and mothers who live in an increasingly Social world.

Soraida Noris‘s blog is all about them and their world; you can find just about everything, from travel suggestions to delicious recipes for your family’s special moments,  including lifestyle, creativity, artcrafts, and interviews to female VIPS and Internet celebrities.

There’s also a great many resources on school, pregnancy and gossip. Whatever your interests, if you’re  a new generation mum, on Womoms you’ll surely find something up your alley.


IG Profile: @thewomoms

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