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Outdoor watches, which are the bests

Are you an athlete? You must be informed about the outdoor watches. A technological object that helps you if you are a lover of the trekking, of the outdoor sports or why ot of all the sport activities. If you still not have one of them, let’s have a look to our selection. 

What is an outdoor watch?

These are special watches which are able to show the datas about the physical activity that are made outside the house (outdoor, rightly). This doesn’t means that we cannot use one of these objects even inside a gym or during the normal daily activities. 

Basically, it is a very technical watch with an integrated barometer, the GPS, and it can even control the atmosphere pression of the environment where we are doing sport. Basically you can keep under control the weather alarms; you can see if there is a storm arriving, but you can even see altimeter informations to keep under control you blood pression. 

Outdoor watch: it isn’t only for trekkers

Mainly this kind of watch is bought by the ones that practice trekking. Like we said above though, many use it even to keep under control a normal sport activity, which is mainly made outdoor. 

outdoor watches trekking
The outdoor watches are mainly suggested for who practices trekking, but they are often bought even by who practices indoor activities

The advantages to have one of these outdoor watches are many. We already mentioned some one them while we were explaining you what the outdoor watches are, but we have to precise: the watch must be calibrated by setting an altimeter refering point. Therefore, many of these watches don’t have both the barometer and the GPS integrated, but only of the two peculiarities. Obviusly the best ones are the one that have both of them, first of all because they are equipped with a pression sensor integrated that measures the atmosphere pression of the environment to produce measurements of the barometer altitude. This, joined with the GPS datas shows us all the datas step by step of our way. 

The best outdoor watches

It isn’t an easy challenge the one to understand which are the best outdoor watches to suggest you, because the family of these products is very big and it gives a very large range of functions. We selected 3 of them and we hope that we will be able to get you curious about the topic. 

The first one is the Suunto, Traverse, Alpha Stealth. This model is equipped with the technology GPS/GLONASS and it is an outdoor watch with special modes for the trekking, for the fishing and for the hunting.  

It is studied to alert who is wearing it about the times of the sunrise and the sunset and it can track the route by setting the interesting points and the compass and barometer altimeter modes. Thanks to these characteristics it can have a clear and constant view of the sudden weather changes. 

Another important function is the alarm sign, that tells to the hiker if it’s arriving a storm. 

By the way, what probably makes it very innovative is the possibility to connect it to the social networks to share our own adventure and to compare the goals achieved with the friends. 

Garmin has its flagship

The Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Smartwatch, Multisport is a model equipped with Gps, that allows you to listen the music through the connectivity wireless bluetooth. But it does much more: thanks to the technology of Garming Pay, we can do contactless payments.

outdoor watches
The outdoor watches are practical, light and precise. Very useful for who decided to practice sport where is great to keep under control their performances

This model has elements of innovative technology like the screen always-on (that makes it easily readable even with a full light), and it is especially suggested for who practices sport: it’s equipped with heart rate monitor and it is made by strenght materials (lunette, bottom and buttons are made in steel or in titanium DLC ‘Diamond Like Carbon’).

The battery last is amazing: in smartwatch mode infact it lasts up to 10 days, while in GPS mode it lasts up to 8 hours. This model is surely one between the most complete on the marketplace, it allows to integrate many applications and it has many different functions as default that make it perfect for all the sports.

Even Casio has its outdoor watches

One between all the Casio WSD-F20A-BUAAE LCDGPS. A model equipped with touch-screen, connectivity Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. But not only: it has a microphone to start the vocal commands. 

Unlike the other models it is realized almost completely in plastic, which makes it very light (it only weights 90 gr) and it is comfy to wear especially during the longest hikings or during a marathon.

The peculiarity of this model is the big screen and it has a function called “Diagram of the Tides” that, besides to allow the coloured view of the fishing time, it is able to say the best moment to throw the hook into the sea. Useful isn’t it?

outdoor watches
The outdoor watches are useful for who practices the fishing.

For the functions that it has and to for the small price, this watch is perfect for who is planning long hikings, for who practices fishing or for all the ones that want an easier watch to use.

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