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Fleet, even Twitter has its stories


All the social networks seem to run on the same line, by always adding some detail and by stealing the best ideas. In this field there aren’t rules to beat the competitors. Between original ideas and the ones stolen to the others, everyone tries to win at its best. And the social trend of today are the stories, which are already available on Instagram and Facebook, and that now arrive even on Twitter and that, here, takes the name of Fleet.

The stories evolution

The Stories were launched for the first time by Snapchat, but it was with Instagram, where they take the name of Stories, that reached the success.

The stories, finally, reached all the most important social networks, after Snapchat and Instagram, they arrive even on Facebook and, at the end, on Twitter.

The Fleets arrive, the stories of Twitter

But why did the stories have all this success? According to the market researches signed by Blogmeter, the stories are the most used function on all the social networks. It seems that the 32% of the users, the italian ones at least, preferes to watch the stories, rather than to scroll the posts on the home page. But if we analize the age range that goes between the 15 to the 24, the percentage arrives to the 52%.

But what makes the stories such popular? From the side of the ones that post them there is the awareness that they won’t be public forever, but they will disappear after 24 hours. This encourages even the users that are most reluctant to post their own personal informations on the socials.

From the other side the users that have a look on the other lifes through the social networks understood that, maybe, the most interesting and personal things are hidden right in these temporary posts, that disappear after 24 hours.

Here you have the Fleets of Twitter

And it’s like that that the stories arrive even on the social networks Twitter, where they change the name, but not the modus operandi, and become the Fleets.

The Fleets arrive, the stories of Twitter
The Fleets arrive, the stories of Twitter

An important change the one made by Twitter, that never let itself involved, until now, by the passing fancings of the other social networks, by remaining always loyal to the tweets.

The fleets are text format of maximum 280 characters, to which we can add, if we want, pictures, videos or gifs. As well as it happens with the stories, the fleets have a lifetime of 24 hours, passed which they autonomously disappear from the social network.

The tests of the Fleets start

The Fleets were tested for the first time at the beginning of March in Brasil, but they are still in a test phase. This second test phase will include other countries of the world, between which even Italy.

The italians are inclined to interact and to follow on Twitter their co-nationals, by creating on the platform a bug community and by starting sometimes extremely interesting and involving talks. We are so curious to find out how they will use the fleets, because our initial researches revelead that the people are more encouraged to share their thoughts with this function, right because it allows to do it in a temporary way”, explains Mo Aladham, product manager of Twitter.

The new function can be tried by all the users, in the versions that will be soon upgraded for the apps of the social network, both on iOS and Android.

How does the Fleet work

To create a Fleet it will be enough to touch our own profile image on Twitter. Once published the Fleet will be visible for 24 hours. The other users will be able to answer to the Fleet, through emoji or with an answer. Both will be visible only by the user, with a private delivery through Direct Message.

To see the published Feets there will be a horizontal space at the top of the page, or, alternatively, they will be visible straight on the profile page of who published them.

No danger of public impact, so. The fleets are even a great way to avoid the cyberbullying, because the answers will be only private, there won’t be any “like” or retweet, exactly like the stories of the other social networks.

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