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What is Clubhouse, the social network of the audio


In a world where the appearance is everything, between pictures, selfies, filters, videos and stories, to make a new is a social network where there aren’t pictures, videos, posts or stories. Let’s discover together what is ClubHouse, the social network of the audio.

Not a social network like the others

We know very well the social networks and their functioning. Snapchat had success and Instagram launched the stories, brought then even on all the platforms Facebook. TikTok debuts between the very young, depopulated, and Instagram launches the Reels.

Clubhouse, the social network of the audio

And than so on, a back and forth, a copy and improve, a battle to the last user and than, at the end, if a social network really has success, Zuckerberg buys it.

But this time is different. ClubHouse didn’t “copy” its style to no one, it doesn’t want to be like the other socials and it’s far away from their modus operandi. If we are not beautiful and perfect we are nothing on the socials, but in ClubHouse we only have to talk and debate. No pictures, no video, no followers, no likes. Nothing at all. We are all the same. Only our voice to distinguish ourselves.

What is ClubHouse?

But so what is ClubHouse? ClubHouse appears like a social network, with rooms and invitations, but it doesn’t seem it. The normal social networks have incredible numbers and they are strong of them. But this new social network of the audio isn’t focusing on the quantity of users, but on the quality of them.

We can access on Clubhouse only with an invitation

ClubHouse was born less than a year ago, in April of the 2020. The company that created it is the Alpha Exploration and, at the moment, it’s their only work. The company was born in february of the 2020, only two months before they released the platform.

How does ClubHouse work?

Like we said it isn’t a social network like the others. Here we can create rooms, like we saw on other platforms. But there won’t be the video, only the audio. The rooms are opened to debate about a topic.

It’s impossible to access to the social without an invitation. And we can’t enter in the rooms if the administrator of it didn’t invite us.

We open a room and inside it the users can  exchange vocal messages, by debating about a specific topic. At the end of the session, when the room is closed, all the messages aren’t saved, but they are cancelled.

The double face of the privacy

A such close enviroment like the one of Clubhouse has, though, a double face. The privacy here commands, without any doubt. The mode of subscription only through invitation is the first step for a total privacy. As well as the fact that the messages, all encrypted, aren’t saved. If then, a user, as the microphone on mute, we can’t have access to his voice. He will be a shadow inside the room, which is listening in silence.

The privacy is everything on clubhouse

All of risks to bring us into something much darker. Because all of this privacy and secrecy can hide episodes of violence, of cyberbulling, of racism and sexism.

There is, though, an exception. The only exception is in the case a user or a specific message is reported while the room is still open. In this specific case the message won’t be cancelled in the moment that the room is closed, but it’s been saved, to do some investigation on it.

A success without numbers

Like we said, sometimes it isn’t the quantity of the users to count, but the quality. Clubhouse is the best demonstration of it. After only three months, infact, the social network had a traffic of only 1500 users. However it was already estimated for 100 million of dollars. How is this possible?

A such close system like this one, infact, can’t have a huge number of users. But its success is in the fact that it catched the attention of the bigs. On the platform, infact, we find many vips, Elon Musk, that passed all the record with a room created the last 31st of january, where he was talking about his companies. But even Zuckerberg, is he studing the competitors?

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