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Climate, the social network to fight the climate change

The Climate App

Climate is a social network which was born with the attempt to encourage the users to reduce their carbon footprint, to adopt good behaviour, to help the environment, to control their greenhouse gases emission. All of it to fight the climate change. Let’s find out together what it is.

The Climate App

The Climate App, that’s the full name of the application/social network which was born by an idea of Samuel Naef, NASA researcher.

The Climate App
The Climate App, the social network created by the NASA researcher

We know that the people talk ever more about the climate change, but we even know how hard can be to change their habits all alone. It’s much more motivational to see how the changes that we are doing are related with the ones of others and how they support the complex purpose to fight the climate crises”, explains Naef.

How many times we heard the phrase: “I don’t do it because no one does it”; “If I do it alone nothing will change”. And instead everything changes. Many small actions put all together can make the difference, otherwise the ocean is made by many small drops.

And Climate helps us to understand it. It shows us how our small actions put all together give life to an ocean of changes.

The peer pressure

Climate is focused on the phenomenon of the Peer pressure. Let’s start from the beginning: what is the peer pressure? It is a known phenomenon to who studies the effects of the social networks on the people.

The social networks makes an incredible pressure on the users. The peer pressure brings us to change our preferences and our habits to standardise and to be part of a group. In the real life we always had this phenomenon. But it is at its maximum on the social networks.

Climate app, peer pressure
Naef wants to use the phenomenon of the peer pressure to fight the climate change

We see our friends traveling, knowing people, organizing parties, and all of it makes an incredible pressure on our shoulders. Because we must do it too.

Obviusly this is one between the worst negative effects of the social networks. But Naef thought: “is it possible to use the peer pressure effect positivelly”.

Yes, by using the same mental pressure to do something positive and good. “My friend on Climate this week recycled the 90% of his garbage, I have to absolutely do it better!”. So our performance anxiety on the social networks becomes acts to fight the climate changes.

How does the app of Climate work

Mainly Climate works as most of the app of this kind. Which means that, once installed, the first thing to do is to calculate our carbon footprint. We can do it by answering to a list of questions.

Climate app
Climate calculates your carbon footprint and it helps you to do better

Once we did it the app will suggest us a serie of actions to improve our impact on the environment. These are simple acts, but there are even purposes to fix and goals to reach.

Furthermore, unlike the other applications, Climate has a space thought to create a real community. A space that looks like a social network, but instead to post our pictures on the beach or the dinners inside luxury restaurants, we post the goals reached.

So, like its creator hopes, the feeling of community will push us to always do our best.

Climate, though, isn’t available yet, but it is still in a development phase. To let it become reality he hopened a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with the purpose to reach the 20 thousand euros, amount already passed.

Not only Climate

There are many apps of this kind, which want to reduce our carbon footprint and to fight the climate change. For example there is Capture, which calculates our carbon footprint too and that gives us some goals to reduce every month an amount of our greenhouse gases emissions.

But in Capture there isn’t the social part, which will be an absolute new. We, so, hope that the idea to use the peer pressure effect will really encourage the people to reduce their greenhouse gases emissions and to save, so, the environment and our future.

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